The first luxury michael kors brown leather handbag auction auction under Thailand cited berserk

In August michael kors greenwich 8, 2014, the only luxury identification center of Asia, the largest chain of boutique pawn group "Abang group - Beijing Thai foreign auction companies" in Park Hyatt Hotel Beijing held the first domestic first-line brand bags include a lot of global luxury auctions, and a professional appraiser share the authenticity of luxury identification skills, set off a boom in sales of luxury goods in the capital at the same time, also means that the Abang group luxury auction business China officially entered the mainland market.

michael kors sneakers Secret top luxury prices soared

Has a top luxury brand package is all women's dream, a top luxury beauty package is not only a symbol of noble status, but also highlights the women's good taste of life. The incomparable work design skills, skilled manual skills, the Art beats nature. and luxurious atmosphere of the fashion, to deduce luxury brand bags really belongs to michael kors uptown astor satchel the modern women's urban legend.

Has a top luxury brand package is all woman's dream

Behind the luxury of the mk purses original single goods selling Secrets

A million Chanel package of the original single goods less than 2000 yuan can buy, limited edition print many years ago, the "original" still have the goods. Many businesses are under the banner of "original single goods" and "one to one" and "original leather" and other international luxury goods to sell banner. Counterfeit luxury damage to consumers' rights and interests of the case, the effective specification of the luxury market has become an urgent problem to be solved.

I give my all for luxury small michael kors sneakers white-collar workers

A study of Italy's luxury goods sales in the global report shows that in recent years, China's luxury sales grew by 30%, while the traditional luxury consumption in Japan and North America has dropped by 30%.

This a go, it shows a huge gap. China luxury consumption, it seems to be holding up the retail stock market, in large part from the supporting force is not rich enough to luxury consumption of the young audience.

Who is buying luxury in the mk5055 michael kors recession

Who is buying luxury in the recession

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