Scarf collector Li Xiaoran most want to start michael kors id chain tote Bally bag

Li Xiaoran, a handsome Look debut Bally static show, a preference for the nature of the color of her original or scarf collectors, revealed that the most wanted to start michael kors id chain tote the spring and summer, the original is a bag.

Li Xiaoran accept YOKA interview

YOKA: the small ran to see Paris's leather, this time there are a lot of bright colors, which color do you prefer?

Li Xiaoran: I prefer sand yellow and green. Because I think these two colours are especially natural and special.

Ava collocation diary refused michael kors denim tote dark winter

Not only the black coat collocation sweater and pants, can also take the sweater and knitted dress. Bag and dress with color, the other is black. To dark winter, sunny is so simple. A friend and I said today, recently my diary collocation in cramming, want to learn how to dress, she felt the clothes closet are only by A. In fact, my advice is to start from the basic models, the basic models are all put together, and then from the basic black and white, because they are the most all-match. After you can start from the color of my collocation, but also from the basic start.

More and more will "pack" Tang Yan Yang Mi scarf boots bag you have I also have a nice catch michael kors gold handbag to catch the tide

TV series "energy-saving" being hit, actress Tang Yan light - jump to the page headlines, the film version of the "energy-saving" is the lead actress Yang Mi, is michael kors kids boots 3 year old Tang Yan and Yang Mi were called "good China bestie", Yang Mi was married only please the circle of Tang Yan a bridesmaid, Tang Yan Yang Mi has also hurt the refractory with her sharp eyed people is not difficult to find, more and more like the two sisters, Q day day up not only clothing, even looks and pose are extremely similar!

All kinds michael kors watch outlet of bags and shoes Sirleaf recently defeated

All kinds of bags and shoes Sirleaf recently defeated

cheap michael kors sunglasses Published in: 2014-04-15Author anniejulyFrom: YOKA Forum

Only the prodigal share, please detour choufu........ You buy is good ~ ~ ~ all can come back disc box.... Hey

Hide the fat thin spring star single michael kors watches women product

In the spring of 2010 quietly approaching, the legacy of the cold will not eliminate fat one thirty come, it is better to follow the stars of the spring to start a weight-loss surgery visual collocation, seize the popular point of the season, buy a suitable fashionable dress can make you Slim good oh!

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