Fashionable dress to michael kors aviators wear a suit to have to pay attention to the bag with clothes

The autumn season often gives people the impression boring, if you do not want to michael kors red handbag dress in an effort on it, you may wish to start from the accessories, choose a light bag for the whole dress considerably. Today, the editor is to introduce the package and clothes of the collocation skills. After reading the following, so you can become a master in this winter, collocation.

But generally speaking, the men's bag michael michael kors hamilton large tote is still mostly black, because the classic and good.

Backpack to show michael kors duffle bag how to choose the individual character of the bag

Backpack to show how to choose the individual character of the bag

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Men's bag

michael kors hamilton large tote Several essential tools in a man's bag

As the saying goes: to do good work, must first sharpen his tools. Want to do to face 360 degrees metrosexual man, was not dead, but absolutely not a handy tool.

Nose hair trimmer / scissors

At ease Mensao man 5 essential collocation discount michael kors watch "package".

At ease Mensao man 5 essential collocation "package".

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Now, but dare to try, necklace, accessories of man or a minority, so want to become a man of fevered bag of choice, it not only has practical function, and no fancy suspects. For men, at least five packets, in order to achieve free collocation, ease.

Fashionable magic weapon to take the michael kors watches discounted bag how to "take" a man

Europe and the United States shot in the street, a man holding a bag look stylish and Western style, but why I take it changed the flavor, a little man are not? Want to challenge the BAG IT, we must do homework, it is recommended to go out before the mirror to practice, to see how to take it the most difficult, the best look.

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