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Quiet "little friend" baby Carina Lau love michael kors shoes for kids the new bag

Visual and a sheep year kors michael kors summer will fire the bag finally quietly just appeared to set high baby weeks ago at the airport early in the upper part of michael kors top the body, and though inconspicuous on the back of it, or let the eagle eyed Xiaobian found this bag this year's hot degree, also at the airport, Carina Lau ready to michael kors kids fly to Paris this week, also chose the "little friend"......

Carina Lau back Diorama

Carina Lau with different colors michael kors ceramic watch Diorama

Baby body back Diorama

Monkey bag KIPLING concept sale michael kors handbags store to visit

July 28, 2010 (Wednesday) in Shanghai, new concept store famous Belgian fashion bags brand KIPLING is located in the Shanghai Times Square on the third floor of the grand. This is the second Antwerp, Belgium China Hongkong new concept store, KIPLING once again with a new image source to bring gorgeous debut, Hushang many fashionable women in Europe are fashion bags. where to buy michael kors For a long time, KIPLING insists on the principle of design, in the same time, in order to meet the needs of urban women in different situations.

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