When it melts into a picture of the material in the michael kors hamilton satchel bag

When it melts into a picture of the material in the bag

Whether you are ready for the new michael kors greenwich season.

Shopping season is here again! Are you ready to money, ready for the time, you ready to list? To advance the next season to in single product, focus on details and high-profile: Mirror printing and metallic coating, exquisite heroic elements and uniform heels, personality and practical pullovers and fake two pieces, with retro exaggerated ornaments collocation perfect, can guarantee that you can play through 2012. Autumn and winter!

Analysis of popular single product in the new season

Green walk michael kors monogram handbags fashion Plush coat turned soft

Green walk fashion Plush coat turned soft

Published in: 2011-11-25Author YOKA Fashion NetworkFrom: YOKA Fashion Network

Green walk fashion circle, imitation fur coat vest domineering publicity, there is a beautiful waiting for you to perform. Sweet Guaiqiao girl with a plush element, immediately turned the "beautiful princess", the innocent sense of eye makeup, lace dress, hair bow, pink bag, plus a pink or white fur coat, the illusion is your gentle princess!

10 parity collocation is most suitable for discount michael kors cotton handbags

10 parity collocation is most suitable for cotton handbags

Published in: 2010-11-23Author discount michael kors Netease womanSource: Netease woman kors by michael kors perfume

Price increases! All CHANEL2.55 bag idol discount michael kors purses trendsetter

July 1, 2010, Chanel will increase the price, it is said that the mainland for the COCO package, the price range of 2.55 packs of about 10%-20%! "Many Xiangfen child who in the YOKA forum has all pay close attention to the last moment of receiving packets. In fact, Chanel is the 2.55 star, surrounded by most, before the price increases, the YOKA editor for everyone to bring the stars of the "Chanel bag show", is a pro soothing mood! Why do stars choose this package? Because it is really a all-match!

All CHANEL2.55 bag idol trendsetter

kors michael Hermes bag street beat back it trendsetter!

Hermes bag street beat back it trendsetter!

michael kors frames Published in: 2010-06-22Author Netease womanSource: Netease woman michael kors brown leather handbag michael kors tote bags

In early spring the most stunning beauty michael kors darrington shoulder tote star love package fool still color collocation

Everyone likes colorful handbags, especially in the cold is not the old days, tired of the drab wide heavy winter clothing, a stunning beauty package immediately let you catching up. But a lot of people because of the color of the handbag is too pure, do not know how to collocation, so prohibitive. In fact, collocation is not difficult to handbag, look at the stars of the color of the bag, you will understand how to choose a color bag.

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