A black can also deal with the "boom" of michael michael kors sandals the early spring

A black suit is not suitable for the emergence of spring? You may underestimate the importance of collocation, even dressed in black can also be fun in early spring 2015.

The third measure: shoes

The third measure: shoes

Although black leather boots is the influx of people are perennial favorite style, but early if you want a black dress color, the color of the shoes and even just can make the bright orange heel you jump out of the crowd, don't worry about the "dark" spring is not suitable for you.

Fourth strokes: hair color

When it melts into a picture of the material in the michael kors hamilton satchel bag

When it melts into a picture of the material in the bag

Why don't you get a brand name? Money on cheap mk shoes goods.

If the face is full of stuffed into the chest still feel no clothes to wear, you should have a deep reflection on their shopping habits. May you have dozens of T-shirt, sweater, ten seven or eight coats, michael kors crossbody numerous bags and shoes, you may also often add new partners for their own wardrobe, but after a few months will not favor. Learn to use a hundred percent of the investment can be able to dispel these concerns, michael kors wedge sandals from the wardrobe to become high-end quality.

Ava collocation diary refused michael kors denim tote dark winter

Not only the black coat collocation sweater and pants, can also take the sweater and knitted dress. Bag and dress with color, the other is black. To dark winter, sunny is so simple. A friend and I said today, recently my diary collocation in cramming, want to learn how to dress, she felt the clothes closet are only by A. In fact, my advice is to start from the basic models, the basic models are all put together, and then from the basic black and white, because they are the most all-match. After you can start from the color of my collocation, but also from the basic start.

The best elegant tone: this michael kors sale watches camel can not love?

As the camel in autumn and winter all-match color, elegant michael kors sale watches and mature temperament make it received clearance michael kors handbags many women's favorite. A camel coat or a camel bag can make temperament rose black michael kors watch michael kor shoes immediately, this elegant tone who michael kors for men does not love?

Candy color coat and a small michael michael kors hamilton tote bag of a vast mushroom

Candy color coat and a small bag of a vast mushroom

The coat bag is a conservative michael kors gold shoes match winning rule

Coat and bag harmony, a color collocation is very perfect, want to have the sentiment must still after some small details are concerned, such as coat and bag a little attention, it is a bit more gentle collocation!


Joie sweater jacket, $368. The coat of the grid pattern is always the main single product in autumn and winter, the distribution of the intellectual's grid lines are always so popular, especially into the autumn, the grid lines will be the reorganization of the banner, the surging volume to the michael kors jewelry fashion tide.

Street fashion week Qiangjing artifact pinch up michael kors handbags hamilton (down) elegant Sachet

michael kors black patent tote

Street fashion week Qiangjing artifact pinch up (down) elegant Sachet

michael kors outlet coupon Published in: 2013-02-28The perfect babyFrom: YOKA Forum

The return from LV, Coach, defeated michael kors charlton crossbody bag Burberry, Longchamp

The return from LV, Coach, defeated Burberry, Longchamp

Published in: 2013-01-04Source: Forum sun

France in October 15 days to travel back, to the present for a long time, just finishing the photos when you think, or share with you. Or again for a long time I have to forget buying what, now the price is vaguely remember.

The collection is coming.


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