Fashion michael kors wedding shoes is new ways to use these scarves you don't know

For the pursuit of the beauty of a lot of people think that is to be built on money, but if you think they hit on some "nouveau riche" gold and silver can be beauty of it, then I can only say that your perception of fashion too little. Do not move the brain is difficult to enter the door of fashion, when you see as if the clothes are always wearing more beautiful people, then more should reflect on whether you have the idea to dress. Even a small scarf in the brain after opening will bring extraordinary fashion sense.

1 when the belt system

Boy Chanel, the heart of the heart, when the male ticket michael kors watches women back to the upper part of the body

Founder Chanel Gabrielle Chanel founded in 1913 in Paris, France, Chanel brand, because the liberation of women and passed a full hundred years, is still thriving. In addition, little black jacket, tweed jacket, Chanel 2.55 spans a century of history, the old Buddha created their own classic handbags in 2.55 56 years after the birth of Chanel Le boy: finally. The bold subversion of the traditional flexible concept, with its simple and elegant design received warm welcome from all over the world fashion trendsetter, become a new generation of It Bag.

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