You do not have a michael kors hat short hair, you do not know how the United States

Many people will choose to change the hair in the summer, cut long hair, put on a fresh hair. But as everyone knows, short hair is hair in the wild, very difficult to rein in the bag face girls is taboo. Do we really have no reason with the short hair, a lifetime to keep a long hair hard to take care of? Of course not! As long as the election of their faces, the hair is not a dream, a dream to see the stars of the demonstration.

Different faces for different short hair

In a face lift effect

michael kors hamilton large tote Several essential tools in a man's bag

As the saying goes: to do good work, must first sharpen his tools. Want to do to face 360 degrees metrosexual man, was not dead, but absolutely not a handy tool.

Nose hair trimmer / scissors

Dry hair and michael kors hobo handbags say goodbye!

Dry hair and say goodbye!

Published in: 2011-01-22From: YOKA cosmetics experience

Paris Kerastase gorgeous bright color protection shampoo experience depth

Author: mixed skin, 30 years old.

A few days ago received a courier, opened to see.. A small bag! Is it!

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