Choi Siwon

Compared with the 7 bag of love Liu michael kors vanilla handbag Wen more worthy of a good life!

Super popular variety show "we love it" since its launch, the most eye-catching than the "high altitude couple Choi Siwon and Liu Wen. Among them, as an international supermodel, Liu Wen with high value and color guards legs, capturing a large number of fans. Since his debut, Liu Wen's name is closely tied with fashion, she is not only the international T darling, she is also the object of street photographers favorite capture, follow editor grilled a steak Liu Wen street LOOK, look at her favorite bag which of several.

Liu michael kors patent tote Wen is not only a nouveau riche Ruby Lin 400 thousand Hermes is drunk with the dog

See Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing have been promoted to a female president, everyone is the "crape myrtle Princess" broken heart. But you do not know, in fact, people already do low-key nouveau riche for a long time. The original "we love" not only Liu Wen and Choi Siwon mens michael kors watches to force Ruby Lin Hao nouveau riche, can not be overlooked......

Recently, Ruby Lin microblogging drying out their own dog photos, and regrets is not a small wizard is a pig.

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