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Beijing 1 million michael kors watches discount parking spaces PK Japanese portable car

Recently broke the news of a sky high price parking spaces, Beijing parking spaces up to 1 million, in Beijing, with the increasingly serious problem of parking spaces, parking spaces are becoming increasingly common consensus. Saito Kuniako, a 26 year old engineer at Motors Cocoa, in Japan, has developed a portable car. Look, with it, can we change the way we travel?


Its volume is very small, small enough to be stuffed into a briefcase. So the engineer, also known as WalkCar for the world, "the first can be packed into your bag of cars".

michael kors sweaters A bag is worth a car 10 fall and winter the most expensive handbag

Brunello Cucinelli Mink fur $7830 shoulder bag (about $48181) as a woman is saving money to buy a bag of things but as unalterable principles, a handbag price to catch up with a michael kors watchs car, only to catch up. Designer brands in order to open the gap between the rich and the poor, will elaborate several limited edition handbags or rare leather handbags, such "mortal" is no longer enough to get rich, also can finally tinkling se.

The upper part of the body michael kors bags uk with double back pack in pairs and add new tide

As Chanel (Chanel) this season show models who are hanging on the two package, whether it is a mobile phone back pack package, or stacked two hand bag, shot in the street two package has become a new trend of trend unstoppable upward influence.

Prada michael kors black pumps Prada 2012 autumn and winter series retro handbags

Prada (Prada) 2012 autumn and winter series with Lolita style retro style. The latest handbags products, with classic bags as a basic style, orange, purple and other colors for this series covered a romantic atmosphere.

Autumn and michael kors pumps winter women will be back to the back of the purse

michael kors mens

Autumn and winter women will be back to the back of the purse

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