Do not want to hit the package? Look at these thousand dollars to get discounted michael kors handbags the stylish bag

In addition to slowly change on autumn, "buy michael kors booties buy buy God could not seize michael kors straw handbags the opportunity to give yourself an excuse to buy a bag. Tired of some bags for having heard it many times brand, Li Rebecca today to talk about five independent designer brand story, is a kind of to the one and only grass.

Randall Loeffler

Jessie Randall Brian 2004Randall LoefflerJessie RandallJessie Randall Brian2005Randall Loeffler

Big price also can not afford kors by michael kors perfume to buy a spring or try this 30+ handbag

With Chanel lead the price cuts, Versace will also follow the pace announced May price cuts. But did not fall to the Chinese cabbage price, most of the friends or said to buy! No Play! So let someone else to buy Chanel go, you have to know in addition to these big, fashion circle is a group of personality of the handbag designer, they are absolutely sincere to please everyone. Full of imagination or handbag with mood, banners or with a powerful and unconstrained michael kors lilly style color.

Visit 80 designers michael kors bromley flat boot fan ran studio

Fan ran studio located in Beijing Caochangdi Art District, here the path and perplexing huge area, the author and the photography team is hard to find the exact location of the michael kors outlet purses studio. "Lost" industrial environment reminiscent of the early 798 Art District, although with a thousand things michael kors bromley flat boot wait to be done desolate, but from the details but it can be seen that the creative vitality.

Van ran studio interior

New York michael kors outlets tide brand "nouveau riche" CASH bag

The new contribution of the New York show eye-catching single product definitely has always been to IT Bag for 3.1 Phillip Lim, his season brings michael kors layton handbag studs piercing boots and michael kors clutch bags concave and convex embossing bags are very michael kors boots for women eye-catching slogans; another New York tide brand Rag & Bone for the whole winter is soft, the traditional bandage boots or fur ankle boots have gentle feeling; and the New York senior designer Donna Karan brought the sexy new series, the red velvet heels every step is michael kors outlets foreve

The new mode of fairy tales popular limited michael kors clothing edition bag adorable earthshaking

Now the fairy tale has been and we are not michael kors sunglasses aviator the same as a child. Movie "monster high school" wholesale michael kors watches after the popular, a series of monster concept of a single michael kors astor bag product also immediately and out, the monsters seem to become a michael kors watches mens child's friends, michael kors heels and even idols. For michael kors red handbag adulthood, michael kors logo it is the best way to pay michael kors lilly tote tribute to michael kors clothing our childhood.

Williams Ashley

Miss package: contains my michael kors wallets interest in multiple fashion buyers

Miss Bao, Beijing, 1992 graduated from the Department of electrical engineering, Tsinghua University, 23 years old to study in the United States, has worked as a computer software engineer, project manager and management consultant. 2007 in Sina opened a beautiful package blog, by the package fans sought. In January 2008, the founder of Kate Zhou Handbags and as the buyer, specializes in US handbags independent designers, in August of the same year, Showroom opened in Beijing.

Search for new michael kors mens wallet forces of Chinese independent designers

Love LOGO, and don't want to be LOGO rob limelight what clothes you wear? When someone asks you a question, how do you answer? Chanel, Zara, Baleno, that shows you the first brand. Jacobs Nigo, Marc, Ma Ke, this proves that you are the first designer. Dress, small suit, t shirt, which proves that you are the first. Futurism, 80's Disco, minimalism, the style that you first. Dozens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of pieces, which prove that you first. There is no wrong answer.

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