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What is popular this fall? Follow the fashion editor and 6 michael kors london items

It has until the end of August, in late summer and early autumn, is the fashion Master who love the season in a year. This autumn has been quietly on the market, and to give a good time to shake up the closet. "Haper's Bazaar" American version of fashion editors and readers michael kors clutch bags to share their shopping list in early autumn, let's take a look at what is worth and single product!

King Editor, oyann

What did not hit the color of the world handbags by michael kors she is the queen of fashion

In the ever-changing fashion, the various masters emerge in endlessly, but to mention the most likely to play a woman in the color, my mind immediately on the surface of her name Fleur Annabelle". Most likely to michael kors clearance handbags show her changing style by color, and a unified whole, and hit the color of fresh, each set has to handle the very place, arbitrary color into its body, so bold and highly can beauty only her!

Fashionable VOl.27: How did not hit the color of the fashion world she is the queen

Subversion michael kors mk5076 of the imagination of the New York Zhou Mo

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michael kors white watch

Subversion of the imagination of the New York Zhou Mo

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From now on the "art" single michael kors watches discounted product wear

Fashion has been closely linked with art, art can be said to be the designer of michael kors watches discounted the most inspirational place, whether it michael kors handbag is painting, architecture, film, culture, etc., is not a source of michael kors purse sale inspiration for fashion design. So, purses michael kors today's most popular and most popular trend is to put the "art" in michael kors jet set the upper part of michael kors perfume for women the body.

Hide the fat thin spring star single michael kors watches women product

In the spring of 2010 quietly approaching, the legacy of the cold will not eliminate fat one thirty come, it is better to follow the stars of the spring to start a weight-loss surgery visual collocation, seize the popular point of the season, buy a suitable fashionable dress can make you Slim good oh!

Beckham Victoria

1 Lace Leggings Lace Leggings socks

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