Faye Wong

Hand! Chop 11 ~ double again next year with Faye Wong first to pick michael kors women shoes up the people first price explosion of it

See to double eleven, the face of a product list is not already dazzling? In fact, many stars are "Taobao" small expert, from the clothing brand parity in the sea eye selected those clothes and accessories with high performance, and chop hands, not buy super star with a home.

Faye Wong's big bag in michael kors dress hand without you OUT

Faye Wong's big bag in hand without you OUT

michael kors dress Published in: 2011-08-08Author YOKA Fashion NetworkFrom: YOKA Fashion Network michael kors gold watches

After Faye Wong's dress collocation has been a model for everyone to follow, and the ten minutes of the bag of love Faye Wong's choice is also very particular about the bag, the following let us look at the days of those who do not leave the hand of the famous brand!

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