Fan Bingbing

There is a great black payment also fear what come Fan michael kors gansevoort large tote Bingbing buy buy buy

November 11th was once a year of "singles day", but also for the vast number of users shopping day. That night, Fan michael kors very hollywood Bingbing microblogging drying out a photo, and a message: "hold back! Wasting money!". Subsequently, Li Chen in the following message: "nothing, I am the checkout." That is, what a great black payment afraid? Come and buy a buy for Fan Bingbing.

Fan Bingbing Bu Kewen in the 2015 spring and Summer Series logo tee, carrying a LV bag Capucines nude color medium.

LOGO shopping is not too mk shoes tired, they are more conscientious than the spokesperson

The comparison of these moments out of the street did not forget the endorsement of the michael kors astor tote big coffee are enough to make you popular brand? Rihanna almost Dior Diorama handbag with a lot of solid, Gewen, let everyone curious recently which series is RIRI good heart? Of course, the endorsement of the club Dior. Look at how much Fan Bingbing loved LV handbags, almost became a essential product of her street.

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