Through the sweet michael kors gold bracelet watch wind of spring and summer

The bag was a woman michael kors keychains the most indispensable personal companion, the spring and summer there is a beautiful clothes, don't forget to choose a good enough for the bag to collocation oh! Look at the most popular network qishang summer bag award right now, make your michael kors for less heart to see the one, remember the message told Xiao Bian oh!

About beauty floral PU portable Satchel

Qingli keren! Summer the michael kors outlet most IN, the most fashionable bag style oh! Partial pink dress and soft Chiffon is a good combination of spring!

Cute cartoon color small Satchel

Cute cartoon color small Satchel

Lovely sweet style handbag

This lovely sweet style of the bag can give you the breath of a holiday, let yourself go back to the carefree little girl era, and do kors michael kors shoes not lose the woman taste!

The Nutcracker PU portable Satchel

The Nutcracker PU portable Satchel

Free color Oxford cloth printing packet

TeeFree color michael kors outlet purses Oxford cloth printing packet


Collocation color

The same color collocation method: bag and clothes michael kors gold bracelet watch in the same color shades of collocation, can create a very elegant feeling, for example: dark brown suit + camel bag.

Contrast collocation method: the bag and clothes can also be a strong contrast color, which will be a very eye-catching collocation way. For example: black suit + Red Belt + Red Bag michael kors gold watches + black high heels.

A neutral color decorative color collocation method 1: neutral color clothing with decorative color bags, such collocation will make you kors perfume by michael kors very well, for example: Camel dress + blue bag + beige heels.

And clothes printed color echo of the collocation method: the color of the bag can be printed in a color, for example: olive green, beige, coffee color printing dress + coffee color bags + coffee colored heels.

Special alert

Every time before going out to remember to put the bag back or look in the mirror body, take a little time to examine the overall shape, look at the bag body and dress collocation is no problem, then go out, beauty and charm will follow you throughout the day as the shadow follows the michael kors island perfume form!