Search for new michael kors mens wallet forces of Chinese independent designers

Love LOGO, and don't want to be LOGO rob limelight what clothes you wear? When someone asks you a question, how do you answer? Chanel, Zara, Baleno, that shows you the first brand. Jacobs Nigo, Marc, Ma Ke, this proves that you are the first designer. Dress, small suit, t shirt, which proves that you are the first. Futurism, 80's Disco, minimalism, the style that you first. Dozens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of pieces, which prove that you first. There is no wrong answer.

Love LOGO, and don't want to be LOGO rob limelight what clothes you wear? When someone asks you a question, how do you answer?

Chanel, Zara, Baleno, that shows you the first brand. Jacobs Nigo, Marc, Ma Ke, this proves that you are the first designer. Dress, small suit, t shirt, which proves that you are the first. Futurism, 80's Disco, minimalism, the style that you first. Dozens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of pieces, which prove that you first. There is no wrong answer.

It is also a humorous explanation: I'm wearing my clothes, the answer is the most appropriate, but if you think the clothes in the product, or part of your body, not an attribute can be modified, then you need to re select.

Give independent designers a chance, but also their own personality clothing label.

Who do the clothes, you will always wear it

If you remove the label, hidden behind the designer, a uniform set may only need 1/3 big handbag price, designers can spend a month in mind for you, is collecting and fabric hardships from all over the world, the details are for your stitch sewing, but it is not the one and only, is the most suitable for you figure and requirements.

Carry a bag to be covered with suspected authenticity; epidemic trend, will be considered kitsch. This situation seems to be exaggerated, but often happens around us, so what kind of dress will not be criticized? Unique personal style uniform and adhere to the style of the independent designer brand personality!

My body I call the shots, other people's clothes you can not do the Lord, the poor people in the mass brand is not necessarily able to find the price you want, the rich in the famous store also can not find the design, it is difficult. In fashion magazines and mass media have interpreted this season, we have to follow the trend, because in most of the fashion shop we can only see these "recommended single product" in a different way. So many times we have to go back and ask the second, in the price, style, brand awareness of the well-known balance, and finally get the three aspects are not one of the best clothes. Look through your closet! Those old scores if you clean up, you can almost threw half.

Shopping is a kind of impulse response, beautiful clothes is the temptation to block. When you look back, the price of the impulse in a few years later become a willing to do, how do you feel? If you are not bad money, you should need to think, what kind of clothes can let you always want to wear? A dress specially designed for you is the one you really need.

If you remove the label, hidden behind the designer, a uniform set may only need 1/3 big handbag price, designers can spend a month in mind for you, is collecting and fabric hardships from all over the world, the details are for your stitch sewing, but it is not the one and only, is the most suitable for you figure and requirements.

Independent designer brands, usually contains a thinking designer in any historical and social change are reasonable and exist independently of culture and spirit, they usually maintain a unified style, with a design label, but not pedantic without any popular elements. Another advantage of the independent designer brands is that they have a price and style for a variety of people. You can find two hundred or three hundred, can also find several thousand, you can find a rich classical flavor, can also find a neat cut. And they will always be limited edition, independent decisions of their strong pertinence, always some understanding and recognition of the brand's loyal support. Loyal customers are usually quite serious, independent designer brand fashion shop is usually more than some advice, in the process of continuous running, independent designer brand is easy to become a loyal customer's custom brand.

So how do we choose an independent designer brand and a uniform designer? More to see, more to ask, more important is to try more. Looking for a dress for your own clothes to know about any other thing, you need to keep on going, take off, take off, and put it on. Facing the mirror, the mirror and the mirror until you and you be made one, a seamless heavenly robe.

Search for new forces of Chinese independent designers

Kwei Katherine: good idea, not employed by the Consortium

Kwei* Katherine Hongkong was born in 1997, joined the Vuitton Louis Hongkong company, served in the public relations department, which is involved in the development of the mainland market. 2001 to resign in the London Fashion Institute to study handbags design, in 2005 to get the degree of accessories design professional master's degree. During the study period in the United Kingdom independent designers Hunter Billy and Bag Susanah studio internship, after graduating in Pozen Zac internship, in September 2005 to create their own brand

Kwei Katherine, the first series was held in September 2006. The TV show "sex and the city" featuring two packages: Hermes Birkin and Fendi Baguette; "gossip girl" featuring two independent designer brands: Katherine Kwei and Foley+Corinna. One is a combination of mature + brand, a girl + independent designer. And this time the fashion week also interviewed the Kwei Katherine brand handbags Chinese designer Kwei Katherine, hoping to give some reference to the domestic designers, but also to give a love of fashion some of our inspiration.

Have the personality of the design market will always need to

"Fashion Weekly": how do you define an independent designer?

Kwei Katherine: in my opinion, an independent designer is a designer who is not employed by other companies or groups to work for themselves.

"Fashion Week": why choose handbags instead of fashion or jewelry as design areas?

Kwei Katherine: I choose the bag as the main design is because I am optimistic that this is an opportunity to fill the gap in the market. At that time, the market of bags and handbags filled with a large number of rivets and metal, and I want to give the public the products are soft leather texture. When I create a unique Chinese knot weaving, I decided to apply it to every design and perfect fusion bag. Now, we are still in the process of designing new Chinese knots and hoping to use it as soon as possible.

"Fashion Weekly": the first step in the design of the general how to start?

Kwei Katherine: the design of a piece of work can be started in a very many ways, but the first step must be the inspiration, and the inspiration can come from many different things. Sometimes my inspiration is a fine piece of leather or cloth and not a new shape or color. Sometimes it's a person, a place, a building, an animal, a dress, etc. Many things in the world are beautiful and full of inspiration. For example, I have a small town in Thailand bought 3 bags, I love their colors and styles and fringed bag on the 09 winter series I have applied to the design of tassels, new batik leather also from the bag of inspiration.

Independent designer brands can not be said to be a niche brand

"Fashion Week": independent designer brands are bound to be small?

Kwei Katherine: I don't think. There are many independent designers, like my friend Felix Rey, operator of the brand, they put the bags at a relatively low price, in the Target (target), Bloomingdales (like DELL store) and other department stores are available. My handbag designs special maybe customers will be more limited, but I think that as an independent designer, does not mean that only have some niche customers. Limited funds are not sufficient to support a large number of advertising and media advertising has led to the sale of independent designers, of course, can not be compared with GUCCI, LV and other large groups.

"Fashion Week": so age? Is there a limitation?

Kwei Katherine: let me be very proud and satisfied that I have a relatively broad customer base. From the girl to the mature like my design, I believe I can meet the needs of different age groups. Recently, I sent Mini Alixi to 6 little girls, 3 years old, and they were very happy and had to show off in front of me for a whole week. I also received a photo of a 40 year old woman who bought my bag for a charity auction and paid for it. My friends are also often asked by passers-by, the hands of the package from the design, whether they love and so on. All this brings me a great surprise and glory.

Try to know the good or bad

"Fashion Week": how to make more people agree with your design?

Kwei Katherine: many customers tell me that they like my design and often ask about the source of the bag for people in the street. The more specific example is, a customer told me, a woman in the street chasing her to ask the bag is designed. Most of the time, the customer will ask me if I will design shoes, when there will be a sample sale. Our web site offers the michael kors satchel handbags price, size and quantity of all the packages. We are glad that some customers will write to tell them about the style they like, and that they are loved (now Mini Alixi). I think, to choose the best way is the best way to go to the store to try, even though the network provides a lot of pictures of goods and instructions, but only when the real catch on the body to see the effect. In a word, as long as your design is good enough, any style has its people.

Xie Xing: smart star love to find an independent designer

Energy-saving in the overall shape of the shooting star Xie presided over the fashion blockbusters, affectionately said, "I love you, fellow, you let me have the unusual feeling." Strapless dress more young in order to set up the model Zhang Xue Xie Xing, generous underwear off...... Star and supermodel are expression of love of the young designers in naked.

Some industry is so snobbish, only love genius, not hard.

Xie Xing's brand is called by Zing T, the design style is luxurious and changeable, each kind of one, belongs to the custom work with a deep personal brand. On the source of inspiration, he believes that the design does not require professional knowledge, as you at the time of the screen lock, will naturally do it."

Fan Bingbing wants to buy the whole series of jewelry

In 2005, star is stylist, in time to do other stars, often feel that not enough clothing or jewelry vacancy, not up to the other desired effect. "However, no more brand to me, so, it is forced to do the next time to do the modeling, DIY in advance of the ideal comparison of the tune of the jewelry, clothing accessories." The result is found that they do more often than collocation can make amazing results.

"There was once in the advertising scene, I helped Fan Bingbing do modeling. When I took out a bunch of other complexes made with natural purple topaz, pearls, SWAROVSKI Crystal Necklace together when Fan Bingbing opened her eyes and asked where I come from." That is to thank the stars of their own masterpiece, Fan Bingbing strongly urged Xie star to come up with all the works of this series, to a twenty percent off, I all want."

Xie Xing did not sell to Fan Bingbing, because the house is not, this is his most early work, to show the ingredients than to make more money. "But for me, it was a great encouragement to me, and suddenly I found that I could design my own brand as a professional designer."

By Zing T brand has two series of jewelry, Fan Bingbing is the wardrobe series of the first batch of works. The wardrobe series contains simple and easily overlooked elements of stones, cloth, dolls and other daily life, hoped that the series of these elements and discover something inside of human nature. Express it. "It's like you're in your closet to find something that's not something that's a button, a jewelry, a sense of pleasure."

This makes a lot of pleasure even obsessed with fashion women. The wardrobe series just pushed out, mainly to the stars, supermodels do collocation parts modeling, a few out of Xie Xing's own buyers shop "Stage" for sale. "The fashion of people often put it down." Price for 6890, 8890 yuan Necklace once launched will be sold, often someone asked this is a piece of work, always in short supply."

"The only" more attractive than the famous brand

Then how to live a luxury life is required.

"Do the design need professional? Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, so many people every year, there are a few famous? Clothes, that is, to sew." For no design learning experience Xie Xing, the so-called Kebanchushen is only a necessary procedure. Xie Xing believes that he is engaged in the design of the custom, representing the highest level of standards, all are affixed to the mold, with beads, not need to cut the basic knowledge. The real design is to sell the feeling, the specific production part, can be completely handed over to the clothing professional assistant.

And many other independent designers, Xie Xing also hope that their own brand in the market to get praise and a certain degree of visibility, of course, all this can not be separated from the promotion. "I work with many independent designers, mainly to provide free of charge to star, supermodel attended the ceremony and when shooting with." Xie Xing now do the brand positioning as a propaganda brand, publicity brand is to promote the design of personal reputation, the brand will be made to make money. In the next year he will launch vice line products, the price is more close to the people, more convenient to bring into the life of the. Different from the exaggerated form of his main line design and the cost of expensive elements. "Again how extravagant, life is necessary."

"Fashion Weekly": your customers choose what is michael kors kid shoes the value of your design?

Xie Xing: I think maybe it's because I'm not commercial designer, in bead around people model nail out a piece of clothing, with my feelings. Custom designers without exception, they do not have the production line, the imagination and a pair of warm hands for each piece of work, a unique creation of unique characteristics. Because of this, just let the stars and supermodel who works for me so fascinated.

"Fashion Week": the work of independent designers is perfect for customers?

Xie Xing: because it is not a commercial brand, so I do the clothes exist any possible and limited.

"Fashion Week": for this part of the love of independent designers work of people you have any recommendations?

Xie Xing: vintage. Luxury and history, these two things are very important. I like the things of the history, not just for the sake of an old brand of vanity and buy it.

"Fashion Weekly": as an independent designer, what are your services?

Xie Xing: I will go to the transformation of the ancient, special second-hand shop price Amoy back vintage clothes, add their own design ideas transformation. Some will sell higher prices, more reluctant to earn a little money to sell out, the meaning is not in business, more is interested.

"Fashion Week": can you specifically talk about this example?

Xie Xing: for example, in Hongkong once the second-hand store, see a Discory pink velvet suit jacket, style is very simple, I love the magnificent sense of the antique cloth, bought it, carefully take home renovation. No change in the clothing itself, only the collar part of the suit all sewn up with precious stones, sparkling in the light. The local change immediately changed fashion temperament, Pei Bei wore it finished the film, but not willing to take down.

Zhou Xiangyu: I don't like so many people to visit.

As an independent designer, Zhou Xiangyu believes that including himself, no one can change the entire consumer habits, or aesthetic standards, personal power is too weak: but at least, my efforts to give more domestic young designers confidence, I do today, but they can do, when we work together, certainly can cause impact, and even change the status quo."

Zhou Xiangyu graduated from the Holland Institute of clothing Den Haag, 2004 was invited to participate in the Escape organized by the Holland new designers work conference, exhibition menswear design studio in Beijing, established in 2007, SOHO founded Xander Zhou, men's clothing brand.

Good independent designer brands wear more worthy of showing off

Zhou Baba, Zhou mother hope Zhou Xiangyu for their custom clothing for a long time, although they still do not know what son is now in the domestic apparel industry's reputation is how much, the son of Xander Zhou brand was too expensive, but when they saw the show frequently on TV and magazines and often son, and some of the celebrities together and think it is a very glorious thing, if put on his son for his tailor-made clothes, to show off in front of friends and relatives.

Zhou Xiangyu finally or give their parents do the clothes, but some of the basic models, has made the old man very happy. Zhou Xiangyu believes that the success of the success of the standard, should be able to have a good market effect, the industry has been recognized. Personal artistic pursuit and the mass market is sure to hear that this is contradictory. But for Zhou Xiangyu this is not so difficult to achieve after 80 independent designers from the study in Europe.

We have the ability to consume independent designers.

Because the heart is unwilling to return home. "I just can not be reconciled to why we can only do the clothing processing, why we design to design to the total holding those Chinese traditional pattern of the so-called 'Chinese elements'? Why China would not have called out the world designer?" This is the idea that when Zhou Xiangyu returned home, even he felt a little idealistic. Although in Holland read a big time to do their own conference, but the first show after returning home he did not hold too much hope.

"The result is beyond my imagination, I seriously underestimated the capacity of domestic consumer groups." Soon, Zhou Xiangyu's Zhou Xander in Beijing has its own store, there is a studio in Holland, while in Beijing, and some high-end consumer groups in the circle of artists, has a reputation. But Zhou Xiangyu still believes that the current domestic custom clothing is still in the primary stage: the main reason is that our designers are relatively short time, the whole market is also very young environment. But the acceleration will soon, because the fashion media is now developing very fast, which has aroused a lot of people to customize the need for clothing."

Return to another part of the reason is that Zhou Xiangyu believes that the domestic environment is relatively familiar, more understanding of Chinese culture and consumer needs, while in Holland for seven or eight years, so that they have a more in-depth understanding of the design of Europe, these things back to the country is also helpful.

Independent design of the work is not suitable for everyone

For their own companies, Zhou Xiangyu is being carried out some reforms: on the one hand to reduce the store in Beijing, mainly to give up some of the cooperative store - Zhou Xiangyu found that the store is difficult to reflect their own style; on the other hand is ready to move to the studio, from the noisy Center office move out: I need a more quiet design and work space, here too busy. I don't like the people who visit it more frequently, or are more inclined to be just a little bit more simple."

Zhou Xiangyu said he was very busy, because each season do not need a line of products, but two lines. Because the current Zhou Xander products are divided into two lines: part is to highlight the design concept of their products: fine, expensive, personality, a small amount of even custom, design, and other products for the general public, the design is relatively simple, more in line with the needs of ordinary people.

Zhou Xiangyu said that the current Zhou Xander has a relatively fixed customer base: the first line of the main customers are artists, because more artistic temperament, there are some financial circles. This part of the work I do not consider the market, completely in accordance with their own ideas to. Second lines I will consider the current market needs, will rely on it to make money." Often in the studio to some showbiz people, for some occasions to attend the collocation, or custom clothing: "a few days ago, Lou Ye and his actors came to set of clothes, for the Cannes film festival." There are also some rich people come to Zhou Xiangyu, want to customize michael kors horn jet set watch clothing: "I will be the first to his style of dress, but not everyone's need for me, I am not the style of all the people." Concentrate on doing their own brand, not for people around, individual labels, obviously this is not all people can accept the clothing.

"If one day your designer says to you, I want to be an independent designer, and I'm going to leave Zhou Xander, what would you say to him?"

"If you think you have learned well, you have a set of design ideas, they are also built on the culture and ideas you want to express, then you go. Recognize yourself and keep going." Zhou Xiangyu paused: "in fact, this is what I want to say to the designers now, the only thing we can do is to insist on."

The insistence of the designers and consumers' awareness of self gradually clear, Zhou Xiangyu said that this is the state of the real start of the fashion.

Zheng Zhaoliang: I want to be an honorary tailor.

Maggie Cheung went to the Cannes Film Festival before, months in advance for his design of evening dress; Gong Li's wedding dress designed by him; Hsu Chi attended the premiere of the movie, the first thought is he. Never only work with one or two tailors claiming to be pleased with oneself of fashion designers, designers will never listen to define themselves as "tailor"". But Zheng Zhaoliang wants to be a "honorable" tailor ".

Zheng Zhaoliang graduated from Canada's of Waterloo Univeristy, the first fashion designer in the Imperial Palace. He currently serves as director of design company Yenrabi Ltd., and its brand "Chang Cheng Castaigne Couture" design of high fashion, and "Chang Cheng Castaigne couture-a-porter" design and daily casual dress.

The reporter had a lot of difficulty, to find Zheng Zhaoliang (Barney Cheng) is located at the Wyndham road in central studio. The iron gate building was on a row of old buildings, no signs, no indication, very low-key. In fact, from the heavy traffic queen a side road, the road would suddenly quiet a lot, the clouds with Chatham Road near daguilar street, Wellington Street, Gough street, and then north along the SOHO are independent designers get together place. Hongkong land rent expensive affair, they can only avoid the city, hiding in the michael kors mens wallet side streets to rent a studio or open a shop upstairs.

Zheng Zhaoliang has been since the "lucky", as early as 14 years ago had bought the unit now, or now "rent can make people crazy".

In 1993, he won the "Bride Diva" series, the Hongkong Trade Development Bureau held a Youth Design Competition and the IGEDO of the best design award. In August of the same year, Zheng Zhaoliang set up a studio Ltd. Yenrabi, himself when the boss and design director. Yenrabi is a self-made new words, Zheng Zhaoliang explained the "iBarney" image, "I mean, I am Zheng Zhaoliang," very self, also very handsome. The so-called independent designers, from the beginning of the brand name to the full range of the most concentrated strong personal style, from left to right, from the beginning to......

The tailor's duties: from the cloth, cut the soul

After the establishment of Yenrabi Ltd., the first real significance of Zheng Zhaoliang's works is a white wedding dress is made, the buyer will have to become a bride of his sister. For the first deal Zheng Zhaoliang is unforgettable, "at that time, the studio has just completed, I only have a patternmaster and a parking space. The bride hurried up to take a lower body and left, second days to fly back to canada. When the wedding is about to do the bride, a long-distance telephone call said he pulled out 4 wisdom teeth, suddenly lost 10 pounds. Oh, my God! I have to feel completely with the feeling of the wedding dress, clip, waist and other parts are reduced by one inch!"

After the bride put on, even the size of just good! Zheng Zhaoliang finally relieved. This means that Zheng Zhaoliang's senior dress / wedding series "Chang Cheng Castaigne Couture" has been formally established in Zheng Zhaoliang at the wedding of his wife. Zheng Zhaoliang said, the first time is very cheap, only forty thousand Hong Kong dollars!" Contrast Zheng Zhaoliang now charges, forty thousand is indeed a friendship price". Now in his studio tailor-made a dress, the average price in 8 - 100 thousand, and to Zheng Zhaoliang for your personal design drawings, the starting price is 200 thousand, if the styles of materials, especially high labor costs, the price may be exponentially increasing.

He used to design a series of marriage for the DeBeers, in which one of the 100 carat diamond, worth more than HK $2 million. And, of course, it's michael kors pocketbooks not the money that can be put on "Cheng Castaigne Couture Chang."". Zheng Zhaoliang is also very picky about customers, if he felt that the temperament of a guest is not suited to their own design, he will be directly rejected for its design, because I want to ensure that the quality of my own work, people and clothes can not be separated michael kors jet set from their presence."

In all customers, Gong Li is the most understand this point. Zheng Zhaoliang recalled, when Gong Li is ready to get married, Xi Zhongwen introduced her to my studio design wedding dress, her goal is very clear: the wedding can not steal my thunder." Before each customer requires the dress to how beautiful, only Gong Li can tell the truth happy fashion, Zheng Zhaoliang burst a few legs.

"Happy is, now more and more customers with a bag full of" idea "to find me. In contrast to the designer's identity, I feel more like a tailor, for her selection of the most superior material, provide the most perfect cut, shaping the most consistent with her aesthetic image." Zheng Zhaoliang's "tailor" is a three-dimensional, he started from the cloth, cut the soul.

My studio downstairs, always squat paparazzi

In a row of costumes studio, the reporter saw the crystal of the famous tiger dress - 2001, Michelle Yeoh with "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" Oscar was invited to attend the ceremony when the armor". Zheng Zhaoliang said: "this dress is to" Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon "theme, with a very thin black base to nail a layer of crystal, the front will make the tiger by the crystal solid pattern behind the halter, plus 1 meters and trailing skirt on the nail on the shape of flake, a mixture of Chinese Chinese and Western fashion, Michelle Yeoh feel very sexy."

Reporter took the skirt from the rack, the hands of a sudden, this dress is a full 30 pounds weight. Even before Zheng Zhaoliang in the circle has a certain foundation, but he also acknowledged that the tiger cheongsam really brought him hitherto unknown visibility, "that dress by Michelle Yeoh wearing exposure in the media, I suddenly received from around the world dozens of orders, finally in January to do 15 send out the same dress."

"As an independent designer, especially in the senior evening dress, the most important is the star effect. Only if they are willing to wear your work, your design is valuable. So contacts, resources are very important." Zheng Zhaoliang never advertised, in fact there is no place he can put on the dress circle, as a senior in Hongkong so little, social places, business reception, senior wedding is a socialite actress "hunting", once found new target hot pursuit, the designers of natural spread channels.

Zheng Zhaoliang later took out some design manuscripts to allow reporters to take pictures, but also to remind the manuscript on the customer data processing. Because now the Zheng Zhaoliang customer list, with a great reputation in the There are plenty of people who. For example, "billion daughter-in-law" Cathy Chui, international superstar Maggie Cheung, actress Gong Li and supermodel Qiqi, there are some famous people such as lady Liao Benhuai, the former michael kors hamilton crossbody bag chief secretary, maomei JP, King He Hongshen's daughter He Chaoqiong, the Hongkong real estate and media tycoon Lim Por-yen daughter Lin pearl and so on, because most of the guests to find Zheng Zhaoliang clothes are not rich and expensive, so the protection of this piece of important customer privacy.

Zheng Zhaoliang grew up in foreign countries, do not understand Chinese, very little attention to entertainment gossip. He is a friend, only about fashion and life. "My studio downstairs, always squat Hongkong paparazzi."

He said with a smile. "But most of the stars don't personally come up with Yenrabi." Too obvious. Almost forgot, he only want to "tailor" duty. Senior clothing is a business, advanced customization is an interest in most designers are the first to experience, in the brand to his own, but Zheng Zhaoliang insisted from the creation of the studio play alone. Although he did not regret that year rejected the Martha, Shanghai Beach (Tang Shanghai) and other major brands to attract, become an independent design of the army, but sometimes think about the decision of the past, or think the move is really dangerous".

"So far, I am not optimistic about the independent design of Hongkong market. The rent is too expensive, not to open up the market to bear second novice needs a large number of people; my Target is Hongkong's top people, this market has its own laws, not easy to move." Zheng Zhaoliang analysis.

"While most of the foreign independent designers have Backer like Steve McQueen (supporter), employed by Gucci Group, John Galliano sold to LVMH group, they have a stable income more than to michael kors watches rose gold continue their brand creation. But there is no big financial group in Hongkong to do this, so the survival of independent designers is very difficult."

Once the Shanghai beach also with a very good salary to him to throw an olive branch, taking into account that they require me to focus on the Tang Shanghai brand itself, the design of its own independent brand, so I refused."

"To become an independent designer is very simple, as long as there is no Backer, you will be an independent designer." Zheng Zhaoliang said humorously, "you just have to stand out, it is an endless road."

A few years ago, Zheng Zhaoliang because of Jiyang, set up a Ready-to-wear fashion series for their brand, batch production line works to see their own, chain stores throughout the United States, Britain, France, Japan, the Middle East, "there is also a little while proud". Just this feeling is not too long, he began to lose.