You never see michael kors small satchel the LV pattern into a handbag out of print

LV was a big deal! In April 21, 2015, the European Court of the European Court of the German court of Vuitton Louis Louis Weedon's two trademark, the reason is simple, the lack of significant features, and the brand's board grid image has been widely used, although LV tried to come up with evidence that these two trademarks are not simple, but the court dismissed their appeal. You may have the deepest impression on the LV cross, but the grid is also an indispensable LV printing. LV will not have again the two trademark printing, if you have a checkered handbag, accidentally became out of michael kors clutch print money.

European Union to cancel two of LV

The two pattern of trademark are Brown Beige and grey black checkerboard michael kors tonne pattern checkerboard pattern, in fact a brand trademark is the use of life, such as brown checkerboard pattern in Beijing is a registered trademark in 2006, 10 years. Although the two trademarks were canceled, but the region is limited to Europe, other countries if LV registered a trademark and did not expire, then still holds the title of the trademark.

A beating LV is apparently unable to accept the award, because then they couldn't protect the pattern by rival michael kors small satchel brand and former counterfeiters use. But accidentally may LV your handbag checkerboard pattern became out of print.

Miranda cheap michael kors watch Kerr carrying LV Speedy Gewen handbags

LV's board pattern is used in many leather goods, the famous Speedy series is also the board as a proprietary printing.

But say really, see this pattern you can first think of LV, still can hesitate to judge? But the infinite plagiarism is too classic, finally lead to lose their copyright it is right to say, can only say LV please.

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LV classic board pattern handbags have what?

Neverfull LV handbag

Alma-bb LV handbag

Petite Malle LV handbag

LV Damier Ebene canvas michael kor outlet keepall handbag

Damier Ebene canvas LV Wallet

In addition to everyone's favorite Neverfull basket, LV's latest handbags Alma and Malle Petite have also applied to the board pattern, as well michael kors tote sale as those wallets, card bags, business card folder, etc., the grid is really everywhere.

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Black gray brown board handbag

Damier Ebene canvas LV

Damier Ebene canvas LV

Damier Ebene canvas LV

Damier Ebene canvas LV men's travel suit michael kors charlton

The black gray board pattern is common in men's leather goods, and the use of this pattern of the country is Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and bulgaria.

Star LV board to carry the bag

Gold - Kardashian drag LV case michael kors bag sale travel box

Alessandra carrying LV cell line handbags

Lovato LV carrying Demi cell line handbag

Monks LV and two Sophie cell lines.

LV cell line street beat

LV cell line street beat

So the question is: do you have a few LV? Small partners to Europe may be able to grab a pen!