michael kors gold handbag Different "green fashion"

"I'm not a plastic bag" this theme of the environmentally friendly handbags, surely you must not be strange, this set off a global environmental protection package boom of handbags.

Environmental protection handbag designer Hindmarch Anya

The theme of "I'm not a plastic bag" environmental protection bags, you must not strange, it launched a global environmental protection bag michael kors gold handbag boom handbags; before the view, it seems difficult to put in good taste, but after Anya Hindmarch (Anya Hindmarc) hand can triumph handbag fashion circle. In a day passed a 80 thousand people in the queue, and everyone wants to buy the bag.

Printed photos of environmentally friendly bags

Anya Hindmarch launched the "optional photo bag" trend (Be A michael kors charlton bag Bag), by actress and socialite michael kors small satchel and highly sought after.

Backlund Sandra, a green and environmentally friendly bar needle michael kors sunglasses aviator

Whether the economic downturn or environmental protection knitted sweater feelings, are truly amiable and easy of approach occupied this fashion wardrobe. The sweater is designed to reach the acme of perfection black michael kors handbags fascinating, the wool traits, play the most incisive person, perhaps only the Swedish designer Sandra Backlund. With a canvas bag that sells for 5 pounds, it has become a household name, and has become the most fashionable way of life. The price of 5 pounds of canvas bag began to Sainsbury's department store sales in London, just one hour, 20 thousand packages were michael kors sale shoes sold out. A few days later, eBay began to appear on the 200 pounds of second-hand not a plastic bag michael kors mens shirts I'm".

Swedish young designer Backlund Sandra's work, the traditional knitting design to a new height! In the 09 spring and summer fashion show to make people marvel, cute and cute but no lack of fashion.

Especially hollow design knitted clothing, creativity is unique to the texture of the wool at his grasp. Exquisite craftsmanship, unique and unique costume design, creating a unique sculpture aesthetic, he is environmentally friendly attention to the title of designer!