So they are very hard to Gala Met on the Chinese air michael kors plus size bag is very exciting

Met Gala this is michael kors quilted bag a supreme level of the red carpet, but in Rihanna the "egg cake vanish like soap bubbles" dress, this two day of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art charity ball should be ushered in the history of the most tragic Tucao, even the devil Anna Wintour have not survived. But under the photographer's capture, we found that foreign actress really is not intentional, but 5000 years of culture can not be quickly absorbed into the michael kors platform sandal joke, in fact, from head to toe they still very michael kors clothes hard, especially those Chinese wind bag is really wonderful.

Hathaway Anne


Although the "little red" version of the cheongsam michael kors sandal somewhat but this golden only be struck dumb, "herbal bag" is Chinese taste, a moment into a goddess class "Li Shizhen".

Teigen Chrissy

Leiber $5295 Judith

Teigen Chrissy

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Wendy Deng

$1200 Kotur

Although some people have lost the status of the evaluation before the tycoon is lady like brothel woman, but at least this one is full of sincerity Chinese wind, lantern handbags or let us feel the traditional China elements.

Aldridge Lily


Aldridge LilyAldridge Lily

Johnson Dakota

Johnson DakotaChanel

Roberts Emma

Roberts Emma

Union Gabrielle

For foreign star, fan nature is the symbol of one of China elements with tassel decoration had some classical michael kors gladiator sandals Yunwei

Davis Hannah

The lantern has been hand bag, this is more like the ancient temple incense, hollowed out through design by candlelight.

Mirren Helen

Although the michael kors clearance European people are also very good hand embroidery, but this is michael kors plus size absolutely the Chinese masterpiece, on the bag in the Chinese red fabric embroidered gold flower, stitch outline michael kors heels of the wisdom of the Chinese nation.

Bonet Lisa

This crane is more like a pair of embroidered China strokes, a spring scene.

Weisz Rachel

Weisz RachelChanel

Perry Katy

Although the fruit sister really cap-a-pie is not so much a China wind, most and Beijing Opera color some detached, but the Moschino handbag is very interesting.