Secretly tell you this kind of bag michael kors website is your next step

Summer wear to take a ride sometimes not your clothes michael kors handbags hamilton have much more than the fashion, often you hand bag is the focus, why say? In fact, we in the summer dress, the proportion is a large part of T-shirts and shorts, dress collocation, and so michael kors girls shoes on, it is sometimes hard to dress the color and attractive. At this time we are not as good as the focus on the bag, the people who see the package can also become a fascinating summer essential goods, the reason is that it is interesting, easy to take.

Interesting hand to take michael kors website the package is the most easy michael kors promotion code to attract, especially in the summer, the heavy bag will become your burden, as in relaxing leisure time to take a handy and lovely hand to take the package, add a little personality for your summer styling.

Fun hand bag

1 Sarah 's about 3200 yuan

2 Look New about 120 yuan

3 Moschino Love about 1000 yuan

4 Olympia Charlotte about 3500 yuan

5 Guinness Lulu about 3000 yuan

6 Hindmarch Anya about 8000 yuan

Hard box design hand bag

1 ASOS about 300 yuan

2 Olympia Charlotte about 9600 yuan

3 Kotur about 2400 yuan

4 Le-Tan Olympia about 10000 michael kors original perfume yuan

5 Aldo about 400 yuan

6 Hindmarch Anya about 9000 yuan

Leather handbag type hand bag

1 Valentino Red about 2650 yuan

2 Kenzo about 780 yuan

3 Hindmarch Anya about 6000 yuan

4 Olympia Charlotte about 8250 yuan

5 Givenchy about 2450 yuan

6 Look New about 120 yuan

Olympia Charlotte about 4800 yuan

This "I Carried A Watermelon" Satin hand bag style fun, is definitely the choice for both day and night accessories. It uses the fresh rose pink and green, with a crisp Ivory Leather and black faced SWAROVSKI crystal to create a "watermelon" style decoration. The inner layer of space is enough for your wallet, cell phone, and key.

Hindmarch Anya about 7800 yuan

This selection of soft leather made of Daz hand to get the package from the brand Georgiana series. It is equipped with luxurious suede lining, and is provided with a zipper pocket and three convenient card slot. With the michael kors bags sale "Courtney" is the michael kors sandals on sale brand tassel craftsmen lasted more than eight hours of effort to build a.

Olympia Charlotte about 8000 yuan

Charlotte Olympia 2015 spring series is inspired by the "Wild West uninhibited pioneers". The full full hand bag cover embroidered crepe style Cowgirl pattern. It has compact, equipped with satin lining, with a drawn comb, easy to comb hair.

Des Garç Comme; ons about 900 RMB

This eye pouch with smooth smooth leather extreme fluorescence. Compact size does not affect the package of space, can receive mobile phones, bank cards and lipstick. May be used as a hand to take a bag, or put into the bag, to keep the daily small things clean and orderly.

Finds about 4800 yuan

Yazbukey 2015 spring and summer series with a taste of the design of this charming world famous city in Paris. This brand is a brand of Plexiglas®,, organic glass made of hand holding a bottle michael kors charlton crossbody of perfume, and the "is always a good idea. Paris" (Paris is always a good place) and named, details of the designer's love for Paris. Room equipped with satin lining is abundant, can be the perfect storage your bills, mobile phone and cartridges. So the accessories will not sticking to formalities for you to win the limelight.

Givenchy about 2450 yuan
Of Holland House about 4640 yuan

House of michael michael kors clothing metallic Holland this neat michael kors navy handbag hand bag with eye-catching styling cream. Velvet lining with a zipper can protect your belongings from scratch. With a detachable gold chain straps, it will be able to messenger in the body.

Choo Jimmy about 5400 yuan

The iconic "Candy" hand bag is made of acrylic material into the bag body with interesting "Yes" and "No" in other words the neon light. It is decorated with navy blue leather side stitching material, and is equipped with champagne satin lining, inside pocket can hold your perfect card. May wish to choose the use of the chain strap to carry back, so that both hands relaxed.