Fashionable magic weapon to take the michael kors watches discounted bag how to "take" a man

Europe and the United States shot in the street, a man holding a bag look stylish and Western style, but why I take it changed the flavor, a little man are not? Want to challenge the BAG IT, we must do homework, it is recommended to go out before the mirror to practice, to see how to take it the most difficult, the best look.

This is a very popular hand bag, the other thin and flat bag, leisure and leisure occasions in the formal two affordable, it is my fashion bag, you see in the streets are almost all staff a metrosexual man, bag. If the application in the workplace, this flat package can actually be used as a document folder, some of the more small style, and even can be used to become a bag, and the general large bags and use.

Hand bag casual and formal two fitting

But although this hand bag is a very popular fashion, but how it is important to accidentally take the wrong, the entire people will be out of tune, especially placed it take no in the armpit, not let oneself Niang smell, is worse than the smell of the soil, the take like early in the michael kors platform sandals society of civil servants, in addition to the standard form of wearing a white shirt michael kors heels and black trousers collocation, will be in the armpit on a similar toilet bag size, the thickness of a michael kors purses on sale hand bag. This kind of screen everyone must be very michael kors gold watch michael kors id chain tote impressive, although it is said that the overall very retro flavor, but now if so, does not mean that it is down to go?

Learning how to take michael kors watches discounted the hand to get the package is very important

So, if you want to challenge the BAG IT, you must do your homework, it is recommended to go michael kors bedding out before going out in front of the mirror to practice, to see how to take it the most difficult, best look.

Hand holding method:

Take the bag as a book.

1, in short, is to take it as a book or a file, it is right

Bag under his arm movements to a man at a distance

2, must not take the law: the bag caught in the armpit, this is a standard action woman with dinner bag, we must be a man at a distance.

Method 1: take a corner of the bag

Method 1: take a corner of the bag

Put your hands on one of the top of the bag, and the bag is 45 degrees down.

Method: two flat bag edge clamped inside

A man with bag method two: inside the upper edge of the clip package

Hands open, on the edge of the middle holding the bag, hand hang.

Methods: three by the hand

A man with bag method three: like the same holding textbooks

Hold it like a student with a book.

These three kinds of hand to take the bag of the fashionable method, also applies to the wholesale michael kors work of the model, especially when you buy is generally more formal document bag is particularly suitable for. In short, it is to take it as a book or a file, it is right.

Method four: choose a hand to carry a bag

You can choose to have a hand to carry a bag

The hanging belt buckle with thumb grip wrist bag edge, so more effort to get law.