To catch on two. michael kors straw handbag Kevin teacher teach you Christmas leopard makeup

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To catch on two. Kevin teacher teach you Christmas leopard makeup

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The leopard is an enduring theme! The teacher will Kevin leopard as the make-up makeup Inspiration Model for everyone leopard party makeup, michael kors hats and caring from the daily makeup of your work during the day, night, two! First look at the products which have a BeautyMaker: hyaluronic acid moisturizing powder BeautyMaker bright light drill psychedelic eye shadow box (elegant brown eyes) BeautyMaker bright light translucent Lip Balm (pink drill lip) BeautyMaker repair face sweet soft blush (pink Lele)
The next demonstration everyday makeup steps: 1, firstly, after the light brown eye shadow play central bright halo, and then use the whole eye socket 2 light brown dye eye bend. 3, then use the deepest deep brown, light brush on the eyelash root, and the end of eye 1/2 4, brush on a thick mascara eyes became bright eyes. 5, part of the first blush, using the large pink fog brush in the smile curve at the muscles below, then click in the pearly risorius vertices, creating the three-dimensional sense. 6, choose orange tone lips, lipstick can texture moist lips, workers should not be too bright.
The next demonstration party makeup to the night, to participate in the Party, the most important of course is to strengthen the eye makeup! Want to have the same wild eyes as the leopard, the key words is the extension, elongated eyes! So to create a parallel to the end of eye lines, creating Roumei eyes: 1, first with deep brown, by the end of the eye, and extended back hook, make a new orbit; 2, then use the diamond crystal light brown and the middle layer gradually do bright halo eyes on dye on the end of eye range can be larger, as long as the eye tail lightly can. 3, false eyelash stick method to select two layers, the first layer with a natural sense of false eyelashes (BeautyMaker perfect eyes pure handmade fine eyelash # thick 720), enlarge eye type, take one side thick lengthened false eyelashes (BeautyMaker perfect eyes pure handmade fine eyelash # thick 728) to cut in half post, in the end of eye 1/3, a stick more than a little eye, let the eye tail stretched, so eyes purses michael kors will be more attractive if you attend a party, 4 types of free and open, but also in the face, draw a love like this type of leopard print!
Then a light moisturizing lip gloss in the center of the lip strengthening, smear heart shape, let lips become to toot!
If you attend a party, Kevin teacher also gives the two groups of clothing collocation proposal! The first is to run down extravagance aristocratic body fur: collocation is sweet and stylish "strawberry" coffee color. From the skirts began with a coffee color with pink to spread and bring out the young ladies temperament tune! Play your creativity, put the fur into a big font U! Crisp tender Shuangfeng + business line deep exposed, suddenly becomes a good Lady! There are different brightness sequins dress sequins made, so it won't be like a mirror reflecting strong, but the level of sense in the shadow shining, local feeling, the talent will not because of too much flash and become "Penghu" up to
Then the sexy run down: Although the walk is collocation luxury, but don't spend a lot of money, but also can create high beauties of texture! Very simple, shower gauze skirt dress + small leopard small suit jacket + Rhinestone Belt, and leather bags! The whole feeling, like the And The City (Sex) in the same as the Kylie, walking in the streets of the charming style of the streets
How to determine your handbag size appropriate? At a height of about 155cm-160cm, normal weight girls as a benchmark, if her handbag size can choose slightly larger size than the palm of your hand, then your height increased 5cm, or increased body weight 5kg, your handbag size should follow the change of variable length 5cm width. How to get not only good-looking handbag impolite? The first to see the opening direction, do not open up that bag with Oh; secondly take on top, you can take the bag, or just take the upper end of the iceberg, can also use the hand michael kors holding the bag bottom; only a spherical bag sling with hand sling bag can hold through when needed with arms; the bag can also be graceful, but caught in the elbow position, don't be caught in the armpit, that would be like the water Oh!