[Yi Xuan] Shopbop sea Amoy michael kors watched to the steamed stuffed bun

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[Yi Xuan] Shopbop sea Amoy to the steamed stuffed bun

michael kors watches mens Published in: 2013-01-07Author Yi XuanFrom: YOKA Forum

For women, the most happy thing, perhaps not too good to be praised

In the face of beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, the vast majority of women will lose their sense of

Women's wardrobe is always lack of clothes, the bag is a woman's second clothes, so certainly is missing

Bag has become a woman every day travel essential goods, and less it always feel like lost soul

Buy before Shopbop watch, bracelet is everyone's praise, just the end of the year to buy a bag, so it went up fooling around, is the bag itself or to attract the price is attractive, 50% discount is really awesome.

The original price of $395, the price of $197.5 won, my bad music

Orders after the start looking forward to, this may be the relationship between the Christmas, the arrival time has a little long, but still cast michael kors watched in the new year's day before received, Shopbop packaging is very professional, even if the glass is not to worry about the glass will be broken oh

I always wanted to buy a large capacity of the bag, so it is quite convenient, after the camera or her bag, specific size:

Height: 20 cm

Length: 33 cm

Depth: 18 cm

Shoulder strap length: 58.5 cm

The woman's wardrobe in addition to always less than a few pieces of clothes, a few pairs of shoes, but also a small bag, so the utility package no one not love

La Victoire Pour this is the use of michael kors women watches leather, is a very michael kors hobo handbag soft kind of cortex, feels very comfortable

To buy a bag of time, first of all, the most intuitive judgment is the bag on the discount michael kors watch hardware. Judging from the weight of the hardware, the kind of rough, smooth, bright color, a little bit of the absolute good hardware

What is the small details, hardware, lining, zipper head is not a LOGO, can also see that the brand is not serious michael kors gunmetal tote in doing this bag from Logo

Can be a single shoulder can michael kors rose gold carry a variety of ways to carry, easy to work with a variety of street fashion style echoes

Exquisite metal accessories embellishment has small occupied area, but enough drilling suction eye, add a sense of quality

Huge backpack with natural and unrestrained, michael kors cheap handbags with such a large size, it will not make you look great and fat, you look great

This year, all kinds of shopping desire, see what to buy, it's a cold winter this year, and want to buy boots, but the mall price always michael kors wallets make me flinch ah, only the sea Amoy try (^o^) / ~

To put a boot to the next to the temptation, the full 119 dollars