[Qiqi] elegant dress all-match michael kors delancey tote fan, make your summer more exciting

[Qiqi] elegant dress all-match fan, make your summer more exciting

Published in: 2015-06-25Author Ai QiqiFrom: YOKA Forum

Summer comes, after a few heavy rain wash, everything becomes clear and clean

The forest trees and vines in the play

The mountains of stone and spring michael kors eyewear water in concert

The sunshine and the breeze in the air

The world is so wonderful, how can you not take michael kors laptop case a good look at yourself

Ever thought about the same as the season's popular clothes

What is the dress is worship of the goddess, or neglected passers-by

Where is the difference?


In addition to their own conditions

Any clothing and collocation are skilled

As long as careful handling of these details

Will make your temperament and color UP UP UP

Dear, since there is a love of beauty of the heart

Have to make a good look.

Learn the skills of collocation

When the weather michael kors gold watches is hot, wearing a light colored clothes mood will be happy a lot of

The white dress was well behaved sub grid

His shoulder sleeves with idyllic wind

Overall dress simple and fresh

Choose a simple pair of fancy sandals, it is excellent.

Perfect collocation is often reflected in the details

Appropriate single product collocation can enhance the temperament

Compared to the clothes of collocation, a single product to pay more attention to the collocation

In a single product, the bag is the focus of fashion people's attention

Can have a favorite style is the pursuit of every girl

Wherever you go, the bag is the most important for girls

Among the many brands, I love the most is the HONGU Red Valley bag

I feel that we are the same country.

Are living in the heart, not forgetting the natural

HONGU Red Valley bag focus on the content, focus on manual production

Embodies the natural feelings and contains a smart and elegant

Red Valley "Hua Tian dream" series of bags

Is the michael kors heels best choice for the summer

The bag is open, fresh air and beautiful flower field as a source of inspiration

The field is like a big canvas.

In the production craft is impeccable

The leather is used michael kors moxley plain leather

Touch can feel the soft and delicate leather

Let me think this is a gentle close friends, and not just a bag

Smooth and smooth surface without pores and skin patterns, even if the sticky dust can easily clean up

Metal parts make a simple bag with a delicate touch

Diamond michael kors jelly sandals shaped pattern to add a sense of elegance to the package

More let the overall collocation looks like the details of the stress

Every time I go out of the bag to become a treasure bag

Make up bags, wallets, keys, etc.

Don't look at it small, but it can easily accommodate me

And its weight is light, it will not be very heavy

Let me travel a happy and relaxing

Whether it is a small fresh or elegant art

This bag can satisfy me

Bag to me is not just accessories, to carry the role of things

Bring me confidence and companionship

Like a bestie that we go to enjoy the beauty of nature

Feel the poetic style of the summer

So a good study kors michael kors boots of a single product of the collocation bar, farewell to do passers-by, you will be a goddess.

This summer is going to be so dynamic and elegant collocation.

A Red Valley bag, a local specialty wine cup, under the warm sun and romantic flowers or bridges...... Carrying a full of happiness, the original happiness is so simple, the woman is so easy to meet.