[the little bunny] michael kors bromley flat boot moist and shiny, beautiful summer!

[the little bunny] moist and shiny, beautiful summer!

michael kors bromley flat boot Published in: 2013-07-16The little bunny rabbitFrom: YOKA Forum michael michael kors handbag

Remember last month in the sun PSK Makeup Remover Cream Mody? Mild cleansing super cleansing cream to the rabbit to free unlimited reverie, a treasure, found the water cream PSK lynx flagship store selling, could not resist the temptation to start again lost back. It seems that the mood michael kors logo will really by the surrounding environment, resulting in the sultry summer, recently seemed to be losing the rabbit small fresh green series products, (*^__^*) hee hee......

PSK cleansing water cream new balance adopts the unique "water conversion technology" as the "open skin water energy, even in such a hot and humid summer, can also bring moisture for the skin nourishing and does not produce excess burden.

Open the internal health cover, smell the faint fragrance, is contained in the products to help the skin discharge of heavy metal pollution of algae taste? Light texture moist jade water frozen texture looks fine crystal, want to try on the skin, do not know what it would be like.

Water michael kors sun glasses cream texture mellow, cream nearly transparent opalescent is very delicate, very fresh water embellish luster.

In the general impression, skin care cream category are more greasy for winter use. Never thought of is, this water cream has a very fresh and moist texture, no greasy feeling.

So smooth and delicate texture is very easy to smear on the skin, smooth and silky texture of the texture to make people feel like! Instant water cream in skin contact is transformed into water molecules carefully, not only to transport water to the muscle bottom, and a layer of water film formed on the surface of the skin, keep the moisture loss. The delicate texture of the skin to make the skin moist and shiny, silky without greasy and residual oil. The skin is as smooth as silk.

Immediately after the smear of water molecules into the frost, the water is not very cute ~ so cool touch feeling you echocardiography?

Just daub skin moisture cream water soared to 73%, this value is really surprised me, has tested several times, that I michael kors watches gold have not broken michael michael kors hamilton satchel the moisture meter. Suddenly think of it, is the product of the deep sea water has such a strong ability to lock the water!

Even if it is also to give the skin deep moisturizing but not greasy bring burden in this hot summer, but also to meet the shortage of skin conditioning sebum, muscle, muscle, dry skin partial oil maintenance requirements, smooth, water and oil balance of skin easy Oh

By our times the profit essence through water, not the rabbit say this, even the first lady out gifts brand is red in the sky! A counter used to feel no one, now I always streams of people busily coming and going of a group of people, while also squeeze into a bottle of water activity. The 28 natural precious herbs, Tianrun supple skin essence water, you will not echocardiography?

Essence of natural water, water extract of natural essence, zero stimulation, weak acid water skin is not easy to absorb the skin allergies.

Compared to the ordinary make-up water is a bit thick and heavy water, the flow is very good, there is a touch of natural plants and grass fragrance, through people's hearts. Silky texture of instant soft skin, delicate skin whitening is the most I love kazakhstan!

Woman is the master of fashion, the package is the declaration of fashion. To say that the woman out of the door, you can not dress, not to dress, but michael kors womens watch absolutely can not do not take a bag. For women, this bag is also a woman's charms, like a rabbit, every time the first is to take the bag, then the mobile phone. Like a key ah, ah, ah, do not need to look for, certainly in the bag. There are paper towels, wet powder spray, ah, ah, michael kors 5055 zero wallet...... the woman's bag is a small world, and even become a variety of snacks. So, the woman update package speed and update speed of clothes as quickly, this is not, I just start a Woge VAGA fashion bag. Woge is from the French New Designer michael kors flats luggage brand that combines French culture and modern fashion and entertainment elements, a variety of art genre which is a fusion of French romanticism style. For the summer, choose a suitable bag is the most important, too small girls of all kinds of things can not fit, too big back and it is too boring. This bag size and a magazine about the size, color and beautiful enough, hehe ~

Not like the rabbit before buying a backpack bag as the zipper design, and the use of a large round magnet, very convenient, but this design is not easy to pull bad, for me this edgy temper, sometimes anxious to get something, the zipper bag are against me, that will I even dismantle it heart there, hey ~ ~

The original VAGA design inspiration comes from the light and a symbol of freedom iris, iris as VAGA mark, elegant, sexy, passionate, independent constitutes the essence of the brand. From design to process, from details to collocation, combining the trend, loyalty to innovation, all aimed at highlighting the brand tension.

The bag space is not too small, there is a separate zipper package design, a separate mobile phone, charger or key what, so reasonable capacity of the arrangement, your appearance does not belong to the type of it has a large storage performance of ultra high, shallow purple pink a day of good michael kors perfumes mood. Friends say I bought the bag a little expensive, but I want to say, you buy a high imitation goods is one thousand smaller, it imitated to really like or fake, as some money to buy a genuine, after all, for Woge VAGA, both from the colors and fabrics, or the production process look, this high-end brand bags do not exaggerate the low-key appearance of what are textured feel super awesome.

Design on the back of the intimate chain belt, usually a health supplies what is also very convenient. This high quality material bag, durable materials and fine lines reflect the high quality, is not that high imitation bag can imitate the!

In a bag, a change of mood, along with the rising of the season, everything is ready, so full of infinite reveries bag with you "package" Luo fashion. The mini more stylish!!