michael kors leather handbags [weeks] fun mix my fan

[weeks] fun mix my fan

michael kors shoes online Published in: 2015-07-14Author kadzz Zhou ZhouFrom: YOKA ForumMicro blog @kadzz
Women's wardrobe is always lack of michael kors purses outlet one of the most satisfactory clothes, for me, is not just so, in the overall collocation in the role of michael kors leather bags this important role is not always feel so perfect! The new start from Singapore and a "CK" of the Charles&keith bag, in terms of color choice I still love all-match classic black, not out of date is also very easy collocation.

This time I chose to PEACEBIRD shirt collocation CHARLES&KEITH bags simple and fashion sense striped shirt and black bag collocation can be OL also can wear casual casual, ripped jeans fun mix wind kazakhstan!

The leather bag is very delicate texture with a delicate hardware accessories are more atmospheric fashion, the design of the double cover of security and security, the bag inside there are 3 bags of documents inside the overall space is also quite large, like a mobile phone, card bag, key small wallet can be michael kors hobo handbags all fitted oh!

It can not only be a single michael kors leather handbags shoulder back to carry the other hand, oh, 2 with the design is really too close friends!

This bag is not only a black Oh, it michael kors bag has 4 colors, respectively, white, black, red, blue and green, we can choose according to their own michael kors monogram handbags style or color! But I michael kors totes think that no matter what kind of color can be a color collocation oh!

Have been carrying it even colleagues are praising it michael kors belt bag oh say I have a look, ha ha, I said I choose Charles&keith did not say a thing!