Celine YSL LV Miu Chanel michael kors pewter handbag Gucci Prada

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Celine YSL LV Miu Chanel Gucci Prada

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The first family portrait

These packages are to buy this michael kors pewter handbag year, it is also more popular, the former can not enter the basic sections of the eye will not send

Chanel CF sheepskin m is a birthday gift on behalf of the year of fate, beauty, luxury goods prices in the U.S. Europe did not have, as if this is a U.S. Department Stores 10 percent off concessions, 3400 knives, Meidai bought four, grab a friend to help me, in early 20000, sheepskin is fragile, medium volume is not large, usually with less, to attend important occasions back, ah, one year did several important occasions.

Celine smile is the last birthday in the time, crazy long grass, all over the world to find color everywhere, out of stock, finally cooked at home on behalf of Europe
Buy michael kor outlet a 1795 michael kors suits women euro, 16000 yuan, the leather is very thick, the texture is very good, that is too heavy, it's work in general

Apple red BB LV last summer, when it is hot enough, the EU, 915 8000+, the hands of the price is not much. The price of a few times a year, too TM black

Just a friend to go to Europe, to buy Chanel, buy other brands, michael kors new perfume as long as the red line there are YSL and Gucci

Old, really feel or flat with good wear, this year to take advantage of
Fold into a few pairs michael kors tennis shoes of
Suede RV, European 2800+, bought a generation, and a little regret, her shoes still bright good
Look, wait until you get a discount.

Prada leather high-heeled beauty, generation, 1500+, this is not the foot heel shallow, can very good price
Reluctant to turn leather maintenance shop to ask, they recommend the heel stick, smoothly done or easily solved the problem

Prada fat butterfly Festival, the United States, 1900+, individuals feel that the old section of the butterfly Festival is better than this,
But can not buy, buy a lot of advice before consulting a lot of sisters, and finally choose the right code

UNIF CL shoes, can not afford to buy a pair of shoes, shoes, looking for a pair of similar

Chanel ballet shoes, just into the United States, red 3100, black 2900, can not get my code,
Just grab 6, half pad code pad is right

Prada fish mouth sandals, Europe, 1890, very beautiful coral red, very good with clothes