Compared with the 7 bag of love Liu michael kors vanilla handbag Wen more worthy of a good life!

Super popular variety show "we love it" since its launch, the most eye-catching than the "high altitude couple Choi Siwon and Liu Wen. Among them, as an international supermodel, Liu Wen with high value and color guards legs, capturing a large number of fans. Since his debut, Liu Wen's name is closely tied with fashion, she is not only the international T darling, she is also the object of street photographers favorite capture, follow editor grilled a steak Liu Wen street LOOK, look at her favorite bag which of several.

In fact, the "big cousin" Liu Wen into the homes of ordinary people before, has been in the fashion circle has a summon wind and call for rain status. She is very clear sense of the times atmosphere features, cheerful temperament, was praised as "old Buddha michael kors jeans for women has the typical characteristics of Asian women". Her figure is also often appear in the street michael kors vanilla handbag shooting site, in the neutral wind dominated mix is a model on the tall, and "a street bag big cousin are very simple and practical, I believe you can find a package engraved with his name from Liu Wen's bag in the michael kors jacquard tote michael kors leather jackets for women bible!

Trunk Bag 1.Marni

To sports fashion sense and famous brand Marni launch of the classic handbag Trunk, with a bike for inspiration, the package lines concise and smooth. Wrapped body is a very solid sense of the accordion, and the intimate design of the 5 lined bags also greatly enhance the practicality of handbags.

Marni Trunk orange Mini Leather Shoulder Bag price of about 9700 yuan

Marni Trunk mini black leather bag price of approximately RMB 9700

Schouler PS1 Bag 2.Proenza

People sometimes refer to a certain brand, often only think of one or two classic models, such as Hermes = Chanel=2.55, platinum package, the Schouler must be mentioned Proenza PS1 bags. PS1 package launched in 2008, then took the CFDA annual jewelry designer award. Until now it is very popular, because the PS1 bag is not only a high degree of michael kors flat sandals recognition, but also very practical, to work, michael kors fulton handbag shopping, shopping, all by its commuter.

michael kors flip flops

Proenza Schouler PS1 Mini Leather Shoulder Bag price of about 10500 yuan

Schouler PS11 3.Proenza

Big cousin back of this black bag also from the brand Schouler michael kors hamilton tote sale Proenza, the name is PS11 bag in Europe and America is very hot, many Hollywood stars are carrying the bag Shangjie. If the PS1 is very casual, very many PS11 formally in New York fashion, especially the exquisite metal buckles are its characteristics, full of sense of design structure, cool and neutral city fashion let this bag become a It Bag.

Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Leather Shoulder Bag price of about 12000 yuan

Box Bag 4.Celine

Bag of the world is also updated quickly, the depreciation of the fast, want to buy a big price for several years will not be out of date bag is indeed necessary. As if to give you 2W, so you choose a package to buy, you will buy what package? Tell you, like Liu Wen choose a low-key luxury connotation of Celine Box Bag is definitely not a loss of the sale. It has no spare details or decoration, but it can be collocation any apparel, both to meet your stylish appearance, but also never outdated.

Liu Wen Box Celine street LOOK
Celine Box light blue bag price of approximately RMB 18000
Vuitton Speedy 5.Louis 25 Bag

Want to fashion and retro? Vuitton Speedy Louis 25 bags will be able to meet your wishes. It is a symbol of LV products, fashion women, this package embodies the eternal elegance. Unique soft leather embossed Monogram Empreinte for the summer, add a touch of elegance, and also set the LOOK mix, absolutely more taste.

Vuitton Speedy Louis 25 Black Embossed package price of about 9500 yuan

Faye Bag 6.Chloe

Chloe Faye bags can be so popular and is called complete the seemingly serious design rules, the trapezoidal design touches not michael kors large tote only those strong personality girl, even 60 people born in see this design also reminds young fashion feelings.

Faye Chloe purple color package price of about 9500 yuan
Faye Chloe, the price of the package is about 23000 yuan.
Soho Disco Bag 7.Gucci

Soho Disco Gucci bag is the most popular fashion circle of people's favorite package. It is not only the color of people like, design is full of nostalgia. Relief interlocking G LOGO amplification to print full the whole package, zipper fringed leather plus light gold metal accessories, adds a sense of fashion brand. Plus compact and convenient, is a spring must be a single product oh.

Soho Disco Gucci red leather package price of about 4200 yuan

Soho Disco Gucci bare skin color leather package price of about 4200 yuan