Is BAG IT enough? michael kors clothes New York first ladies to teach you to a new realm of beauty.

Known as michael michael kors hamilton satchel the gossip girl, live version of the upper east side of New York socialite Olivia Palermo first name surely you heard, even if you do not have a certain street where seen her. Yes, as a walk in the trend of cutting-edge fashion ladies hand is the lack of IT BAG, but you think everyone want to become the pursuit of fashion ICON, really just carry a ready-made beautiful bag is enough? Of course, not so good Easy! So the editor is going to take a look at what Olivia is going to look at in the way that BAG IT BAG IT! Hurry up and learn.

#1 clever use of decorative scarves

When it comes michael kors quilted bag to the most classic combination of scarves and bags, editing minds first thought michael kors clothes is Hermes, but H at 100 thousand take off the price is somewhat high cold, but we still can do, like Olivia Palermo Valentino camouflage silk scarf tied michael kors handbags cheap with series bag above, immediately decorated in a stylish taste! And this place your scarf than huddled up in the bag is much better.

#2 a good key chain

When you back the SIZE big bag, michael kors collection walking in the street while looking at very aura, but when you get back home over the keys in the bag may be out of 3 minutes! So a stylish and good-looking and practical key chain is also the best parts of your beautiful package oh.

#3 super popular small monster

Attention to fashion you, for the Bag Bug FENDI little michael kors monster must not be strange! Shaggy once it's available as accessories industry hot figures, although a little monster price is already a mid-range package price, but for the fashion people who, as long as it can let yourself enough to tide enough suction eye, what the money are not a thing.

#4 play the alphabet game

Fashion people like to express their emotions or ideas through the outside, just like those printed with a variety of slogans and cultural shirts and shopping bags. The same thing in your bag can also be reflected, not only is the brand michael kors for women letters like Olivia to hang on the package, and now the most popular is the Hindmarch gold michael kors watch Anya's leather bag! Cute and funny eye-catching provoked laobiye couldn't help plastered his bag and notebook.

#5 western style out of the luggage tag

Even if you are not a tourist Master, you can still like Olivia choose a light luggage tag to dress my bag! Also can imagine themselves carrying bags under a second michael kors mens watches to fly to York New feed pigeons have wood there is ~ ~ edit friendship tips, baggage tag can also be used to pack a bus card or work attendance card, but also very practical oh.

FENDI #6 and a secret new weapon

FENDI Peekaboo Mini absolute count to this year's global IT BAG michael kors purses top three, and the small monster almost the influx of people with a FENDI, and the second half of this year is the introduction of a specially tailored for Peekaboo Strap You strap series, is a variety of styles and colors to choose from, although this the straps to November of this year before the public offering, but our first ladies on the eastern early demonstration.