michael kors hamilton large tote Several essential tools in a man's bag

As the saying goes: to do good work, must first sharpen his tools. Want to do to face 360 degrees metrosexual man, was not dead, but absolutely not a handy tool.

Nose hair trimmer / scissors

Arch head design michael kors watch bands replacement of nose hair trimmer, not hurt the nasal cavity, plus open slot, can capture in any direction and length of the hair, michael kors mens wallet clean up and very convenient, body wash, rubber hands, use very comfortable. If you think it is too expensive, can be directly used vibrissa scissors, scissors head round can effectively protect discount michael kors bags the nasal scratching.

Several essential tools for men's beauty

nail clippers

Simple and elegant appearance, let the pruning posture does not seem very suitable to the mother, and the sharp edge length, let the manicure simply refreshing, but also small, but it michael kors black purse will not feel uncomfortable and grip.

Electric shaver

Able to trim michael kors gold bracelet watch the shape of the goat's beard perfectly, because it is equipped with a beard card slot, so that michael kors gansevoort handbag you can control the length of the beard, want to what length on what length. The most intimate is to have a rotating michael kors brown boots trim, in the shape of the hair to create a very cool.

Electric shaving knife


Several essential tools for men's beauty

Acne needle

Material well, michael kors hamilton large tote needle sharp, men have acne problems, it can gently pick bald, then apply the antibacterial anti-inflammatory michael kors eyeglasses ointment, can quickly destroy and eliminate acne, the risk of infection by hand squeeze.

Electric facial retractor

Do not think that men do not need to carry the skin anti-aging, in overtime, it is more convenient than your cream, up to press the button, in the face of the roll. It is a rubber roller, feel powerful but very comfortable, promote blood circulation, make skin become rough not stiff, but also put an end to become "probability belldog".