To a michael kors large satchel gorgeous away, with a beautiful practical package

To a gorgeous away, with a beautiful practical package

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National Day National Day, it is to let people excited holiday ~

You are not like me, once a day countdown, looking forward to travel myself to see the blue sky and sea, mountains and rivers

As a restless star people and travel control, KK early in the morning to plan their home plans, ha ha......

Since there is a plan to travel, you should get ready to get up early, to give yourself a gorgeous run away!

Beautiful and convenient clothes, cool sunglasses, maintenance of skin care products, beauty make-up......

Women travel will inevitably bring a lot of things, but the KK is the most afraid of large bags of various, cumbersome to let you lose the elegant temperament,

So choose a beautiful and very strong package will michael kors flip flops become very important!

You see freaky Miranda, taking the baby out, a simple package to get relaxed extravagance!

To know that the baby with a lot of equipment, but there are a lot of equipment, baby bottles, diapers, a pile of.

A piece of soap

To introduce the KK's tourism equipment bag

This is the Red Valley purple michael kors handbag called a fragrant jade blue bag

As a whole with a blue based on it, it feels like to go out with the blue sky, the mood is good

Fabric is a michael kors large satchel leather, leather surface pressure has a delicate texture, feeling very michael kors bags sale three-dimensional sense

The line is simple and easy, with good taste.

The HONGU Red Valley brand heritage of 600 years of Shuhe with exquisite craft

This is the KK reason of it, the love of exquisite michael kors tote bags crafts

Upload quality are all embodied in michael kors yellow handbag the zipper, nails, buckle and other hardware details

When buying guideintroduction this brand has a unique process called shaping process

Generally in the market in order to achieve the desired results, the design is often required to use a large number of shaping accessories,

And these stereotypes will make the bag becomes very heavy, if not set the package will not be careful weight will not be able to recover

The shaping process, which can greatly reduce the material cost and weight of the bag bag, let more light, but also can make the shaping effect is more durable

Indeed, this type of package is generally very heavy, and this is very light

After it has deliberately tried to deformation, under the constant pressure in the KK, it is actually very fast recovery, a little distortion

Before the design is the punchline buckle a little black, more flamboyant blue front, michael kors fulton moccasin immediately let the bag over to show the elegant and lively

In addition, it can be anti-theft, it is important to know that this is very important for a trip ~

The whole bag shuttle in blue, black, thick and heavy in colours of gold, noble, reserved

Someone may want to ask: KK, this package is so small, suitable for michael kors clearance shoes travel?

Ha ha ~ dear, this is the reason why KK chose it! Looked small, the actual size of space!

In order to verify the strength of the bag, KK HK last week to take it

Hey ~ to see all my family last week to travel.

Make up a large bag, wallet, mobile phone, charging treasure, sunglasses and a car essential to a large scarf

Because it is only two days, what is the nature of the clothes to go to Hongkong this shopping paradise to buy

Oh, forget my minipad, just to take the photo into play not bestie ~ and hand micro single component but not small oh!

You see, the East is all in!

The sea color appearance, it really is all rivers run into sea.

Double layer liner design, big things inside.

The middle and the inner side of the zipper can put some of the more intimate similar documents of those things

As for the front pocket can be a good placement of our mobile phones and other commonly used five.

KK travel the most annoying package is very cumbersome

Such a small and can put a lot of things to put a lot of things in the bag is a great love!

Beauty jade, like ebony hair color, fragrance, crowd hasty glance had been deeply imprinted in my mind.

This is a text of the blue package introduced.

KK think it's beautiful

With this blue bag, in the crowd abnormal brisk, friends said at a glance I find.

At the same time, I was surprised that the original thinking of the blue bag can only collocation more dark heavy clothes, did not expect to be able to get together in my clothes, but also more casual and lively

Travel for second days for a simple one michael kors rain boots piece bag and shape into a punchline, break the boring for me.

Thus, this bag all-match effect, it seems it is also no difficulty usually work collocation!

And the same time to start the Red Valley Wallet

Lemon yellow color and blue stroke of bright color, this autumn and winter to dazzle!

Mention appropriate, feel is good, very big style Oh ~


A gorgeous away, remember to bring a beautiful practical package