Can hold a woman's whole world is michael kors mens watch that it is worth to have a large bag of forced lattice

Mini is really hot, and the capacity of the original can be packed into a cell phone and now can only be fitted with a super mini package of lipstick no change. No matter how popular, still a group of girls are still in love with big bags. michael kors charlton bag The bag in addition to large capacity utility, the concave aura cover the meat skill really unusual! michael kors layton handbag Do not believe, you look at the stars of the people how to make you write a "service" word!

[Bigger] forced grid bag classic aura bag

As a star, star van travel the most important. The actress who photographed enough for gas, must take a big bag to delight the people. Supermodel especially high, with a big bag like someone like a bag, not to mention the MINI package, there is a sense of too low! In addition to gas field is more important to cover the meat ah, a big contrast, immediately people become thin.

Celine Phantom embarrassed face.

The heavyweight big bag by actress welcome to the number of Celine packets the embarrassed face. It is in the bag out of the name of the good-looking, out of the name of the weight, but the weight still can not stop the enthusiasm we want to buy. Phantom Celine style on the banner is relatively large, the package is thin and thin. But if you want to carry it around all day long street, you didn't estimate copper hand Tiebi is also quite hard.

"Hermes Birkin bag" & "Kelly" (Hermes Birkin Bag& Kelly Bag)

Birkin is the most classic Hermes bag in a paragraph, it is based on the Kelly Bag extending from the product, so the two is very easy to confuse. General Kelly Bag is a single hand,

Birkin Bag and Birkin Bag in both hands, and the capacity of hand over Kelly Bag to a large long. But some people think that Kelly Bag single arm a little more than double handle Gao Jie.

Lauren Ralph (Lauren Ralph)

Lauren Ralph this package will be more close to the first time in the first two.

See this figure, really want to say Emmy Rossum is not Ralph Lauren diehard powder, the same style, behavior could buy two nouveau riche color is also very perverse.

[practical big bag recommendation 1:]

Brand: Alexander McCune (McQueen Alexander)

Price: about $12482.505


Brand: 3.1 (3.1 Phillip Lim)

Price: about $5557.5

[Bigger "forced lattice" big bag] practical single Jam Pack

Now these have been the mother like the people, there is a large capacity utility bag is more practical. All kinds of things to take, go out and do not have to charge the idea to organize a casual fling can be chic to go.

Gavriel Large Tote Mansur

Mansur Gavriel this brand recently really hot, the packets are robbed empty. michael kors coupon code But this brand out of the package are concise, no decoration, the most outstanding is that it is the design of the idea on the surprise of the process and the quality of the leather on the. Love "simple" girl must not a Mansur Gavriel, but the money can not buy BuCKet, it's Tote is also popular, and hit the color, classic black in let's heart.

The Transport Tote Madewell

Madewell Gavriel Large Tote MansurMadewellJ.Crew

[recommended a package:]

Brand: Vitoria - Beckham (Beckham Victoria)

Price: about $17852.5


Price: about $7427.53

[Bigger] forced grid bag shoulder bag and saves bucket

This bucket bag resurgence, all brands are selling very good bucket bag. Although the bag is covered with a strong air effect, but there are still some of the girls who want to love and michael kors sunglasses sale effort to love bucket bag. It may not large capacity bucket bag handbag, but generally the medium size we can basically michael kors mens watch meet an umbrella, with a small cosmetic bag, such as a mobile phone.

Gavriel Bucket Bag Mansur

Gavriel Bucket's Bag Mansur is really rich and can't buy it. So far, it's why the world's women are so crazy or a lot of people don't understand it. But Xiaobian that we love its simple appearance, simple and generous, very all-match.

Besides the simple version of the Bucket Bag, this section of the tassel as well. A bucket bag tassel on center this year to HIT elements of the Boho wind at this point.

[recommended a package:]

Price: about $6625.93


Brand: 3.1 LIM PHILLIP

Price: about $10892.95

[Bigger] the big bag of large size and long form

Long - shaped square michael kors bags sale package is a big tool for the michael kors leather satchel people in the streets of this two street. The large rectangular package is not your imagination of the general size, really is a big, there is the potential to grab the job of travel bags. Large package side founder, the shape is a bit serious, suitable for temperament unique or tall girls, of course, the strength of the big do not hesitate.

Hulme Double Plate Tote Sophie

The most representative of michael kors wallet the Hulme Sophie is certainly the square of the briefcase. It has long been the heart of the people in the fashion of love, the design of a simple atmosphere does not say, walking in the street is not easy to hit the package. In addition to shopping with go to work, the fashionable degree of instantaneous rise, neat not shoes by michael kors boring. More important is the design of oversized leather, alone and 6 Plus tablet, Macbook Air took no problem.

[recommended a package:]

Brand: 3.1 Lilin (3.1 Phillip Lim)

Price: about $9537.41


Brand: mani (Marni)

Price: about $7164.87