Hand chop party www.michael kors.com quickly follow suit with red Kerr kuangmo bucket bag 3 bag!

This summer bucket bag is still one of the most popular single product, and as the street queen of Miranda Kerr is also a big fan of bucket bag, which today we grilled a steak Kerr bucket bag let her earn such a high rate of return?

Gavriel 1.Mansur

As freaky Miranda Kerr need a practical bag to hold a lot of debris, look at her recent street, this Mansur Gavriel recently became her favorite. With deep www.michael kors.com V Jumpsuit or low michael kors silver tote cut vest to collocation bucket bag out of the street, is also very sexy?

Speaking of bucket bag, from the beginning of last year, NO.1 is no longer the main street section of the Louis Vuitton michael kors uptown astor satchel Noe Mansur Gavriel, but this handsome and simple headed huadan. Shortly before the end of the michael kors clutches American Fashion Designers Association Awards (CFDA), the annual award is awarded to the best accessories designer of new hot brand Mansur Gavriel designer Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel.

Who do not want to fan art and do not want to control the LOGO of the ordinary female youth, Mansur Gavriel is a large bucket bag of magic, simple design and reasonable price so that you can buy a street like a star, but it is said that this bag has the fire out, many large shopping sites are displayed above the "coming soon".

Mansur Gavriel $545 (black bucket bag price net price, for reference only)

Mansur Gavriel nude bucket bag price $545 (net price, for reference only)

Wang 2.Alexander

Bucket bag michael kors for men of the biggest advantage is that michael kors plus size no matter how you wear casual simple, as long as the right back on its immediate temperament and fashion sense doubled. In the hot mom Kerr fashion book, Diego Alexander Wang of her bucket bag is endless love. Vintage tone bucket bag body although small, but you can never underestimate its special "shape", instead it is a big michael kors designs appetite, simple design and storage capacity has become a necessary choice for the goddess of the street.

Alexander Wang Diego texture bucket bag price of about $1320 (net price reference) iconic rose gold rivet handsome, the capacity of your mini tablet computer installs no problem oh.

Thavasa 3.Samantha

As brand ambassador Kerr Miranda is also particularly dedicated, a series of two Thavasa SamanthaBucket bag body, both sweet and enchanting, Hold on different styles, who also dare to say a bucket bag is only suitable for men and women?

Editing recommendation

1.Moschino Mini textured leather michael kors wristlet bucket chain package price of about $711 (net price, for reference discounted michael kors purses only)

2.Saint Laurent Emmanuelle small fringed suede bucket bag price of about $2027 (net price, for reference only)

3.SEE BY CHLO Vicki textured leather bucket bag price of about $484 (net price, for reference only)