Wear shorts to become michael michael kors bags an elephant leg heart good plug? Teach you to wear a beautiful style late last

The denim shorts are really michael michael kors bags a single product of each girl's hand, the summer one, the full avenue is the cowboy shorts, but you know? Not any girl can wear jeans! Each person's body and legs are different, the same paragraph of the jeans really can come out a lot of different effects. At the same time, there are a lot of girls who are not confident enough to challenge the jeans. Now for the legs are not beautiful michael kors hangbags enough MM, there are 5tips to have a variety of annoying girls, so that you can also have no michael kors hand bag fear to wear a denim shorts!

> > > > >; STYYLE; 1

Many girls are afraid to wear thick thighs denim shorts, in fact as long as you choose a slightly loose trousers, reflexed jeans less appear thick thighs, pay attention to Oh, do not choose the tight money and this will increase the effect of thick thighs

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Demonstration of Collocation: white shirt + jeans + Shoes + leopard belt

> > > > > STYYLE 1 five five figure OR Petite - waisted shorts

Asian women in stature is very petite, or a long waist part. If you want to show their tall point defect or want to cover their body proportion, high waisted shorts is definitely your salvation! Waist, a trouser body short legs, exposed part of significant growth.

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> > > > > STYYLE 3 - leg meat crisp loose pants type A "

Fat sister if you want to wear jeans, it michael kors layton is recommended to choose the loose type, the profile of the larger jeans. You must select at least with respect to their body is stiff trousers.

Demonstration Star: Miranda Kerr.

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> > > > > STYYLE;; O 4;

Even if your legs are thin, but you may not escape the O type leg this trouble, the ultra short tear the jeans is your best choice. Do not think that wearing pants to cover the oO legs, in fact, wearing shorts in the vision is not so obvious. Even more important is to tear off the design will focus most of the attention of the people, so your O type leg is likely to be ignored.

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