This several suitable for office bag beauty girls and michael kors mk5076 practical hand chop!

Editor for you to sum up several office essential bags, which is practical and stylish, is definitely the style you want to start!

Bags are one of the most important characters in the girls' lives! In our world "cure" is always the truth, the more we do not refuse bags, like opening the closet, we always feel is less of a bag, for office workers, it is for the office grab eyes! Not only want to have a practical bag also want to both fashion? COSMO immediately for kors michael kors shoes you to introduce these packages can absolutely perfect more than two points, for office workers to use the bag, save the michael kors astor following this is enough!

NO.1/Baguette stick pack

In the desire and the city, Carrie once corrected It not s a bag, s it a baguette., ""! This is the law stick pack. Its shape is a rectangle, space is not a big one, but the absolute classic, is one of the classic lady Office. This package is very suitable for collocation, compact and delicate. Choose a color of the law stick bag can also make you eye-catching.

"Carrie" in the discount michael kors watches "Fendi" of the stick pack is a classic.
NO.2/Crossbody Satchel

Satchel the most convenient and most practical, recently two years Mini satchel paragraph is popular around the world, actress and fashion bloggers are on the back of the bag, not only good because of michael kors gold bag small size and highly sought after summer, winter light back in the coat outside also fashionable!

NO.3/Bucket Bucket Bag

One bag of bucket bag is this year's hot, special shape makes it out of the ordinary, bucket bag bag is more boring than many models are more playful, by age, the most classic black, camel or actually choose berry color bucket bag is suitable for autumn and winter back.

NO.4/Backpack shoulder bag

The backpack is simply let you instantly have girls temperament bag items, the two major brands also have a backpack, design and color of modern and avant-garde let many girls in his eye. This year also have a lot of big backpack, backpack to get rid of childish impression, the simplicity of the backpack. You can try styles.

NO.5/Messenger Bag Messenger Bag

The bag is a little bit the retro feel, suitable for entry-level OL, young and fashionable, the most famous messenger bag should be Cambridge of michael kors leather jacket the satchel family, has been the girls favorite, a variety of colors are michael kors handbags for less very easy to take clothes.

Bag NO.6/Trapeze bat pack

The top of the bag with a handle, the middle is a square, on both sides of the two michael kors mk5076 symmetrical triangle, the bat package fashionable fashion circle, suitable for many years in the workplace, a little mature feeling, decent generous package michael kors outlet online is very classic.