HONGU Red Valley original technology debut International Design michael kors plus size dresses Week

In December 6th, the 2013 Guangzhou international design week in the grand opening of Pazhou poly World Trade Expo, from all over the country's designers, artists and related practitioners gathered in Guangzhou to join the event. Guangzhou international design week was founded in 2006, is currently the only access michael kors plus size dresses to the international industrial design and other three major design organization and the United Certification of the annual design business event, with academic, business, international characteristics are becoming China and Asia region's most dynamic international design industry interactive business platform.

Stylish atmosphere Hongu Red Valley booth

Hongu Red Valley booth before the michael kors brown handbags bustling

The design week, the reporter saw a lot of local enterprises in Guangzhou figure. Among them, Guangzhou Red Valley Leather Co., Ltd. (micro letter: ihongu) booth is particularly noticeable. The high-end atmosphere on the display of the display of the color of the leather bag, next to the play of the original process cheap michael kors bags of the Red Valley video michael kors by michael kors perfume to explain, these unique creative display to attract a large number of exhibitors to watch.

On the morning of the opening of the show, the Guangzhou economic and Trade Commission Director Wang Xudong and related leadership to the Red Valley booth, to understand the situation of the red valley. Red Valley Group senior adviser Michael Mr. king and director of the relevant leaders explained in detail the four special craft unique michael kors snow boots Red Valley, attracted a crowd of loud shouts of applause.

Michael, a senior consultant at the Red Valley, is on the Hongu Red Valley process to the Guangzhou economic and Trade Commission

Hongu Red Valley Exhibition bag attract people praise

It is michael kors petite understood that the Red Valley (micro letter: ihongu) four special process of the show are elastic shaping process, folding process, wear magic rubbing process and strong bearing technology. These four processes are not only the first in the country, but also in the leading position in the world, and have applied for a patent. Such as elastic moulding technology, selection of high-quality SSG complex structure, applied to the bottom of the bag and the bag mouth, full protection bag is not easy to deform under pressure, and automatically restore the prototype, so that the bag show perfect shape.

Hongu Red Valley, the latest model of tobacco smoke

Red Valley company founded 11 years, has been to help people to better show their own responsibility. In recent years, the Red Valley has imported from Italy and Belgium boots michael kors as well as domestic famous designers, presided over the design of four flagship models, including the new listing can be a boom in the industry to follow suit. michael kors white ceramic watch At present, the Red Valley leather store (micro letter: ihongu) more than 1500, covering the national market, the annual sales of more than 1 billion 100 million yuan, has become a well deserved local leather leader.