Who is buying luxury in the mk5055 michael kors recession

Who is buying luxury in the recession

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In recent months, mk5055 michael kors just opened michael kors mk5161 a business week (Business Week), often see such a picture: a middle-aged couple with two or three children, sad, behind the new two layer of independent housing, but can not afford to pay the mortgage, is about to be repossessed. Subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the economic depression, since last summer, the United States launched in full swing. A gallon of gasoline exceeded $four, to buy Hummer (Hummer) who are dumbfounded, not open a few miles to burn a Starbucks latte, michael kors outlet miami with deep hatred and resentment. According to statistics, the United States on the road traffic, less than last year ten percent. Well, this is the environmental protection. The gasoline price is expensive, follow up, support the U.S. economy of the middle class have clutching his wallet, tighten my belt.

Russian designer Yudashkin Valentin's fashion show

Traditionally, luxury sales are not affected by the economic cycle. How much money never worry about a pound of pork rich egg, how much money a box, Rolex watches and hermes handbags, bought it. But in the last two years, twenty trends have changed this tradition. A trend that was previously mentioned, the luxury brand of mass market strategy. Can not afford to buy a $two thousand package, $three hundred can buy a scarf; $three hundred scarf can not afford, never mind, there are eighty dollar perfume. Really not, twenty dollars of lipstick can also be a small dream round. Ultimately, the middle class can afford to buy luxury, regardless of size.

Another trend. With the development of information, the expansion of the choice of goods, and the diversification of the way of life, consumers tend to be very important in their own areas at the expense of money, and in other areas to save. For example, a twenty-seven year old single white-collar girls, a monthly salary of ten thousand yuan. She will go to the most expensive hair done, to spend several thousand dollars to buy skin care products without blinking, bag the value of one month's wages; but her place is small, furnished, the fridge is empty. To the girl, her consumption structure is reasonable. Fashion beautiful appearance makes her confidence in work and social life, make her feel not ill treat their precious youth. Besides, under the original capital not to dress themselves, how to catch a millionaire. As for accommodation, in her current stage of life, is not important. This theory is a book I read last week, Silverstein Group Consulting Michael Boston Treasure Hunt: Consumer Inside the Mind of New, the central idea. From another side note, the market for luxury, not just the rich, but all.

In this case, the recession has a great impact on the sales of luxury goods. America's economic recession is particularly serious, because the United States accounted for 40% of the global market share of most luxury brands to 60%. The shareholders of nature are particularly sensitive to smell the wind quickly retreat. From June last year to now, the biggest thirteen luxury brands of stock price fell 29%. But it is interesting that the sale of luxury goods is actually not reduced. In the first quarter of this year, including LVMH, Burberry and Coach, including a number of luxury brands, sales even more than the expected value. So, who is buying luxury goods?

The answer is, Chinese, Russians, and rich part of india.

China is now the world's third largest luxury market, after the United States and japan. It is expected that in 2015, China's growing rich and middle class team will make China become the largest market for luxury goods. In this regard, I have no doubt, and even think that China is very early to meet the target may be. Recently, the time of the United States to do a survey, Chinese consumers' minds of the most michael kors cheap well-known luxury brands have what. The results show that the top michael kors kingsbury tote five brands are Rolex, Lacoste, Valentino, Chanel, Dior and in turn. Let me wonder is that Vuitton Louis is not on the list, I do not know what michael kors bags cheap they do this survey.

Russian women like beauty known early would rather starve to a lipstick. Ten years ago, I worked for a software company. One of my Russian female colleagues, wages are not high, the home is not particularly rich. But her back is Chanel bag, wearing Ferragamo shoes, usually a chain body, ten fingers at least three with the ring, and wear Eddie Bauer around us colleagues in stark contrast. The last ten years, the large oil property, oil money back to the luxury brand. The Russian and Chinese people have different tastes, they do not like a low-key, especially love to highlight the identity of the precious jewelry. In Russia, the five largest luxury brand is in turn, Versace, Dior, Chanel, Zaitsev Vyacheslav and Yudashkin Valentin. Interestingly, fourth and michael kors perfume fifth are Russian luxury brands.

India already has a number of old aristocratic and old rich, but the number is very small, more in foreign consumption, not climate. In recent years, India blossom everywhere customer service center (call center) has created a large number of young middle class, these people are the main force of India's new luxury market. India's luxury market is beginning to be late than China and Russia, but the development is faster, known as the "next china". I remember a few years ago, a consulting project I've done, some from the India office sent to consultant, are all in their twenties. At that time, I was carrying a LV bag, michael kors hamilton sale that price, a few eyes wide open. I think, over the past few years, they must have bought a number of LV for their wife.

My blog friends "Yoji Coming" in her "Yamamoto is", said, fashion dongfeng. Indeed, the last Fendi of the the Great Wall show, this year the three division of the imperial glory show, great movement. Investigate michael kors charlton crossbody its reason, fashion follow money, where money, where there is fashion. The strategic focus of the luxury brand has long been transferred to the east. The chairman of the LVMH Bernard Arnault agloat predicted that global sales of luxury goods, will be in the following five years doubled. Sitting in the plane Chinese overlooking the earth, Bernard Arnault said with satisfaction, "the beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, a". (author: Miss Bao)