Petty cheapest michael kors watches woman LV complex

Petty woman LV complex

Published in: 2008-08-11From: Fashion Figure

One of my artist friend Y once had a financial good boyfriend, every time I go to Hongkong shopping spree, the biggest harvest is nothing more than the package, not misleading statement, called the bag. "Every time I basically see the new LV package, a 5 or so."

The entertainment and fashion circles get closer, their reputations are probably a secret. In the fashion circle, the ears will hide all kinds of rumors. It is said that women are now no longer regard party Zhuangshan, advanced custom find them own safety. This makes them tremble with fear is "hit the bag".

"In Shanghai's luxury hall: the Plaza, a well-dressed woman walked into the LV store, eyes fell on a new LV leather bag, she asked the clerk to wrap the bag, you pay the money, the head also don't back away. And then her figure appeared on the bus ". This text is scattered in various media. The LV package and the Shanghai women's docking, the media's intentions can be seen. Let a woman in Shanghai could read into the city with debauch never faded grey michael kors watch rose gold - "vanity". The media are trying to hook the LV package with the vanity, the more the woman is interested in the. In no sense, the LV package has to be a matter of taste, the value of the elements of life.

In the Chinese luxury market strategy is very similar, the hidden price or less price, common is to talk with you products origin, process, inspiration. LV is no exception.

But I don't believe how many people can tell the history of a certain brand, women in the shop, I am afraid not to take a pile of books to investigate. Even if I engage in the work of brand media practitioners, CD-ROM information is often lost in the Brand Company come in a throng. So, when CCTV's Rui Chenggang suddenly asked me the true meaning of Hermes, I have two Hermes tie the fact that a bit ashamed, and then contributed to me decided to open the LV package in the hearts of a woman.

Cartire MARCELLO, Dior SADDEL, Fendi SPY package, PRADA package, GUCCI package, Chanel packet...... Women have too many choices, why the LV?

The public's most familiar LV package is a classic model of LV and Monogram, which is also the world's most crazy one. No one cares about the original intention of the design of Mr. Louis Weedon to pay tribute to his father. If the winner of the LV package is attributed to its unique design patterns, especially in China, there is no direct michael kors leather satchel relationship between the pattern and the consumer. Of course, you can say that the diamond shaped petals, a symbol of spring. However, Dior and Cartire are not emitting a green breath?

The coffee in the design is the highest selling frequency. Chanel white is noble, can live in the air polluted city, it became difficult to manage the white color; while the conventional black and easy to damage or petty middle class anxious blame and delicate emotion; gold is unceremoniously defined in the Evening Bag Party; silver is motivation is too obvious, easy isolated himself......

Originally, coffee is not aware of a killer. Visual inspection, doctors always take some patterns for you to see the ultimate motivation is to see you on the color recognition ability, a color blind is in any case can not see the plane media on the "Water Cube" michael kors white ceramic watch aesthetics. Similarly, Starbucks trademark green consumers almost at first sight, unforgettable, but who can say why the pattern in the portrait behind?

In the face of the LV package advertising, Chinese the petty bourgeoisie and the middle class listless, but desire can be so harrowing. According to the world's chief market Information Company TNS survey, in China, michael kors calista status and self reward is the two most prominent consumer motivation of luxury consumption. LV package sales in the petty bourgeoisie and the middle class two groups in the most prosperous, because these people care more about others on their own review, need a sense of belonging. While the LV package is appropriate to give a clear color of the label, to provide discount michael kors shoes "a kind of luxury", michael kors shoes on sale although this may michael kors studded handbag not be born in 1837 in France, the home of the carpenter's Vuitton Louis my mind.

LV in the package of advertising on a shop to peer follow, Jennifer Lopes, Gorbachev, Catherine, Deneuve, Agassi couple were in my arms, as its advertising model. Big advertising first picked up those consumers shilly-shally, then gives a LV package allows you to jump to a good price, everyone can have a fresh effort.

The victory of the LV package is a reflection of the essence of luxury goods, the value of luxury is scarce. LV's rapid expansion strategy in China is the definition of luxury goods?

However, hungry rigid demand for luxury goods swept away the question. In fact, the paradox situation has continued: "consciously" sheep cheapest michael kors watches "," fill "more or less": on the one hand, the amount and range of LV package is increasing, delivery is reduced accordingly, not afraid of sheep everywhere, on the other hand LV package.; every year in the high price, girlfriend Y a 5 LV package to buy mystery may solve -- people already know how to play the collection. The petty bourgeoisie or the middle class "sheep" bones or the desire to be locked up, as long as the door is designed, with a certain degree of confusion.

Intoxicating liquor not drunk, so more sheep. (Department of "men with" editor Rosinante)