Easy to get Party Forest michael kors black tote Department female, the most pleasing

Easy to get Party Forest Department female, the most pleasing

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Panasonic EH2424 ion steam beauty experience

[Author: oily skin, 25 years old]

The plane leaves with street corner, suddenly thought of "autumn leaves" although some small sad, but happy mood is still still in November.

Saturday, go to Italy street, although some people, but it is still strong petty tone.

Find a baby store, took a photo, like dolls of the feelings everywhere.

But today, go to the flower market, birthday want to room filled with the scent of the flower, to michael kors shoulder bag express my little heart.

Buy a yellow lily, flower longevity, bamboo basket...

May see the buy back many green, they think of the female dress Forest Department, hey still Damei makeup girl oh, do not Paizhuan oh

I go shopping on Saturday to buy pink Polo bags to treat yourself, give yourself a birthday gift, always love this yesterday finally lost back oh ~ very very pink color jump a glance will make people pay attention to, well, this is the feeling I want ~ white bag is a member of AUPRES gift gift has not today, come together to bask in,

This flower is today to the flower market to buy the longevity flower, flower color colorful look at love, and the flowers are double color flowers, michael kors t shirt reminds me of the twin flowers.

What seemed to be a razor like instrument, the michael kors red handbag best ultrasonic therapy instrument but recently my magic Oh, every time a little bit will let me take it to do a SPA like spa Oh ~ today to move so many flowers, almost exhausted, back to enjoy the bath. Look, adjust the bones apart.

Yesterday, the harvest of shopping, a photo with a group of dolls, oh ~ this is the long flower Oh, is not very beautiful color

AUPRES's gift packaging is great, very early, like how much to buy gifts, although it is very little gifts but this bag of love. This handbag is very suitable for the summer to wear a red dress up feeling very ~ is too easy to dirty.

Inside the interlayer can put a lot of cards, a lot of space.

This yesterday's defeat of the pink POLO like this color, went to the two stores to find this color.

Put the pieces to a close, the little cats appeared behind many oh hey doll

Inside of the more super, you can put a lot of cards Oh ~ inside the pocket can also put a private small Oh you know ~ ~ ~ ~

Love the bag zipper on the golden, very bright Oh really in ~~bingbing

Well my beautiful bag after my little face to do a spa enjoys a ~ oh

Equipped with equipment

First clean the dirt using the cleanser (V) vibration by the pores easily cleared, in depth derived from the essence of the skin to improve the SPA to improve the michael kors outlet cabazon skin's skin, deep and thorough removal of dirt, the effect of a new.

1 the characteristics of the conduction and the positive and negative ion potential of the ultrasonic guide
2 combining the two, and the high frequency ultrasonic wave skin care products will be transmitted to the skin deep
3 speed up the metabolism to achieve the effect of a new skin
4 through the cell vibration massage, can enhance the catalytic ability, and michael kors straw handbags the acid skin is the skin tissue pH value to the basic change, reduce the skin inflammation michael kors uk site accompanied by acid poisoning and pain
5 if the use of nutrients and drugs will depolymerization, is conducive to skin absorption of nutrients, but also conducive to drug penetration of bacteria, improve sterilization ability
6 with an ultra stable vibration meter, not because of the frequency of vibration damage skin cells

First clean the dirt with the use of facial cleanser (V) vibration by the pores easily cleared, very comfortable feeling oh ~ every pore is in the same

Massage head is very soft and comfortable.

Second in the deep into the blue spirit of the essence, but also to further protect the skin, so that the skin is a new look

First in the massage head on the essence of the michael kors black tote liquid, in the use of facial cleanser with a fixed ring fixed, in the face of repeated massage until absorbed.

10 minutes after the face of the skin looks very moist, very comfortable feeling.

The United States and the United States SPA, replacing Lalalala.

A close-up of a backup.