Do not want to hit the package? Look at these thousand dollars to get discounted michael kors handbags the stylish bag

In addition to slowly change on autumn, "buy michael kors booties buy buy God could not seize michael kors straw handbags the opportunity to give yourself an excuse to buy a bag. Tired of some bags for having heard it many times brand, Li Rebecca today to talk about five independent designer brand story, is a kind of to the one and only grass.

Randall Loeffler

Jessie Randall Brian 2004Randall LoefflerJessie RandallJessie Randall Brian2005Randall Loeffler

Price range: 2000-4000 yuan; the price index assumes the brand founder Jessie Randall Ms.

Emma RobertsRandall Loeffler Rider BagLR

Fashion blogger Jean back to the mint green Rider Mini, the small size of the shoulder strap michael kors gunmetal handbag is very long can cross also can be a hand, 2980 yuan.

Randall Loeffler Rider Bag

Emma Roberts 2480Randall Loeffler industry bagLR

Chung Jamie also love back the same bucket, but no Emma back to look good.

Melo Meli

Melo MeliMelissa Del Bono2005QMelissaMelissaMelissa

Price range: 4000-8000 yuan; price index. * * designer Melissa Del Bono

OliviaMelo MeliMelo Meli

Melo MeliThela5880Olivia

Aldridge Rosie and Huntington-Whiteley Lily also have back.

Melo Meli Halo,ThelaHaloThelaHalo Midium5780

In addition, her home is also a back to the back of the back of the potential. Backpack Mini, 4380 yuan.

Botkier New York free photographer Botkier Monica never thought he would become a handbag designer, only because in the busy green photography can not find their own like and practical bag, so in 2003 she simply designed a "tool kit", not only practical but also very fashionable.

Price range: 1000-2500 yuan; michael kor bags price index: assumes to designer Monica Botkier.

Botkier bag of practical super, mainly reflected in the ultra multi sandwich design, while the use of leather production in Italy to make bags of leather is very soft.

Convertible Logan, 1180 yuan

Heirloom this is michael kors patent leather handbag the Chinese independent designer brand bags. &amp Lynn, Tiffany co founded by two smart and talented Chinese girls, two people are from the United States, a permanent residence in Losangeles, a permanent residence in New York, in the entire brand management process, Lynn is responsible for the design, Tiffany is responsible for the operation and management.

Price range: 1500-3000 yuan; price index: it assumes Tiffany (left) and Lynn (right)

Heirloom Chinese translation is a family heirloom, because the two founders of the reason, New York luxury brands will mature, taste and Losangeles fashion creative cleverly combines in the hope to create a classic bag also has a new modern atmosphere. Classic Veronica Large, 2390 yuan

MinkoffRM Rebecca's bag used to say, this is no longer the focus of the introduction, here.

Price range: 1000-2000 yuan; price index: it assumes Li Rebecca back over his family's classic Mini Mac, $1490

MAB Tote Mini cheap michael kors handbags all-match utility, 1490 yuan