2012 Hing Lok mk watches garden bag elegant woman dream

2012 Hing Lok garden bag elegant woman dream

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"A casual wear, a cloth bag, free access to a variety of occasions, generous and elegant and graceful," this is the latest online fashion culture of the upcoming new interpretation. In fact, as early as the end of 11, Pace Wu was invited to attend the fashion Master fuanna's fashion brand Hing Lok garden bag new conference at the moment, keen fashion has captured 2012 "Pastoral" strikes in advance.

If LV is the great lady, Hing Lok garden package is a bit more refined and fresh; daughter of a humble family, if LV is the embodiment of the identity, the Hing Lok pastoral package is away from the hustle and bustle, return to nature, feel the inner peace life.

Pace Wu, the brand name of the brand new

"Pastoral" wind blow, "man of life" into fashion

Woman love package, from the woman beauty, purely michael kors outlet san diego by nature. As a woman to carry accessories, has been, the bag is the owner of the external manifestation of the taste of life. Designers through the bag of style, color, material and other elements of the collocation, and the use of the brand's influence on the social role, and ultimately contributed to the user's status in different michael kors jeans areas. LV, CUGGI, Hermes and other luxury brands, it is by virtue of the public perception of the brand, let wearers acquire an external identity.

But the way of life for everyone, not the pursuit of luxury. The modern city life is like the wind in the alarm clock, the endless work of people numb heart pursuit, which prompted people to seek spiritual sustenance from other places. In this context, Anna's fashion brand Hing Lok began to advocate a "long life" way of life, so that everyone will look once forgotten garden, the pursuit of fresh natural flavor of life.

The emergence of "pastoral wind", is a large urban residents of the natural, happy feeling of life yearning. Whether it is the decoration style, or clothing collocation, fresh "Pastoral" to meet the needs of the majority of people tired of physical and mental to seek natural comfort. Nowadays, the "Pastoral" michael kors watch men wind began to blow to the female package decoration, and by the end of this year the most eye-catching "Pastoral" performers, is Hing Lok: collocation small Suihua, fresh and romantic, sweet and true, to meet the general feeling of quality of life for women.

Hing Lok garden, elegant woman's dream

In nineteenth Century, the British royal court held a ceremony of the adult ceremony is a girl's yearning for the paradise, the girls will be wearing gorgeous clothes, collocation's most exquisite bag. For the beloved daughter to attend the ball, the poor tailor's father Eric with flowers sheets produced the world's first flower pattern of the butterfly knot bag, do not have the choice of the daughter kors by michael kors can only take his father carefully sewn cloth bag to go to the dance. Unexpected is, because this bag, she became the focus of the audience. Since then, this is full of pastoral elegance of the package was named as a pastoral. The countryside is like a spring breeze blowing michael kors womens watches on sale through the whole adult ceremony, over the continent of Europe, so far.

Pace Wu, the brand name of the brand new

A lot of people think, elegant life style, can not do without the need for the material. Indeed, in a very long history, elegant, and even the decoration, is the exclusive of the upper class, is a kind of aristocratic michael kors hamilton tote black things. In order to functional characteristics of Hing Lok garden, started to become popular and popular, the first appearance of the 72 decorative package contains elegant temperament, activate every woman heart natural feelings. High price threshold, Hing Lok garden package that every dream has the possibility of achieving elegance. Without expensive clothes, not simply let the heart baomaxiangche, dream and elegant pastoral package blend, discounted michael kors elegant temperament naturally. Cross on a warm and happy rural package, thin taste "man of life", every woman mk watches can become an elegant princess!