The breakdown of the most photographed actress that a michael kors island single product

michael kors island

The breakdown of the most photographed actress that a single product

michael kors clothes Published in: 2011-12-14Author Netease womanSource: Netease woman

Eva Longoria Eva Longoria Coach package to the $698 blue flip Coach is this year's most awesome all-match bag, blue spliced bag color and shape are very beautiful, whether it is Eva's wave point collocation retro dress, trousers or black skirt, are very worthy.
Eva Mendes Mendes Eva Eva Mendes's bright pink jeans collocation white T debut many street beat, and collocation is still the same paragraph of the end of the thick sandals, is it should be Mendes thrift or lazy?
Richel Belson Rachel michael kors uptown astor shoulder tote Bilson small beauty sexy small suit Richel Belson love her black Vanessa Bruno small suit, it comes from the famous French designer michael kors watches gold brand small suit with French romantic, elegant pants or skirt collocation beauty, are awesome.
Richel Belson Rachel Bilson in the color coat or Richel Belson, the army color coat appearance frequency michael kors chronograph watch is very high. The autumn season really need such a color all-match very loose and comfortable coat, Rachel collocation gray cardigan or pink chiffon shirt, are good.
Selena Gomez Gomez MCM Selena package after 90 little beauty Selena Gomez favorite MCM bag, compact and very mature. Although the bag style and she was slightly mature, but she also can be a perfect control, it is a big Hollywood star.
Sarah Jessica Parke Sarah Jessica Parker Salata's woolen coat a warm grey woolen coat in winter is pretty awesome, there can be a variety of dress collocation, can take off his coat when michael kors blue handbag the red carpet, usually also have a great range of children street.
Freida Pinto Freida Pinto Satchel India actress Freida Pinto Freida Pinto love Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren bag "Tiffin" series, so you can see her hand a black michael kors gowns satchel appeared on various occasions, saying the $2595 package is awesome, how to take a range of children.
Pippa Middleton Pippa Middleton small leather Kate's sister Pippa Middleton still become the main street shooting, often in a variety of shot in the street to see her, of course, not for her outfit comment. Overall still very elegant ladies fan children, even a small leather, also can wear aristocratic temperament.
Lea Michele Lea Michele sun hat + big glasses popular Broadway actress lea Michele Lea Michele is often a black big sun hat + with sunglasses are street shooting, although it is a sun hat and sunglasses, but can be completely different collocation of clothes, she seems really strong collocation skill.
Sienna Miller Sienna Miller Sienna Miller's sweater Beige beauty very comfortable wearing Beige sweater from spring to autumn, visible by this sweater is high. And have the same style collocation full of American design sense of grey deerskin Guess package, but also for How frugal actress.
Jessica Alba Jessica Alba boots freaky Jessica Alba boots michael kors white watches like her style of Indian very much, but can not only collocation jeans, dress collocation can, really awesome.
Olivia Palermo Olivia Palermo IT Girl ladies sandals red Olivia Palermo style Bukexiaoqu, often take headlines in various magazines and the street she has many girls dream of fashion items, but she is also good collocation, such as this pair of red strappy sandals, she can lace dress collocation style luxury. Can also dress collocation splicing hot, very suitable.