Buy a new bag. TA it will fire 16 years authority appointed michael kors straw bag IT BAG is this

Speaking of the French luxury brand Chloe Chlo, flash in your mind is a classic Paraty Bag, or no Drew pig wrapped in this fire? This was born in 1952, the classic brand in this half century has experienced a number of changes in the designer, and now the incumbent designer Waight Keller Clare will michael kors mk5161 be the brand of French romantic and elegant interpretation of the most vividly, but also known as the remodeling brand woman! Today for the Chlo editor to introduce the package as a beautiful pig like that red packets, but with all-match appearance ladies michael kors watch and michael kors men watches higher price, by michael kors shoes uk VOGUE magazine as of 2016 will fire IT BAG! It's Bag Georgia.

From the birth of Paddington in 2005 to mid lock discount michael kors package, Paraty triangle package popular, now and then Drew the pig bag burst of red, Chlo basically for a long time it will launch a classic IT BAG and the Georgia, although unlike michael kors straw bag the previous predecessors then known, but long ago has been called VOGUE in 2016, the fire will be IT BAG! Semicircular saddle bag and double-layer michael kors watche bag cover style design looks very simple and capable, adhering to the Chlo has always been low-key exquisite brand image.

Georgia michael kors denim tote is divided into small michael kors scarves and mini two styles, both messenger can also be used as a hand bag, the material with the little sheep and calf, another snake and metal texture design elements. In foreign electricity supplier website Georgia price is about 5000-8000 yuan, obviously on the cost ratio of 10000 yuan to take off the high of a pig.

Chlo 2015 autumn and winter image ads, apparently Georgia as the main package.

Bag Georgia details