Thavasa2015 Samantha autumn and michael kors women perfume winter to reproduce the 70's retro style

In September 15th, with "Make your Samantha" as the theme, "ladies love Japan" brand handbags Samantha Thavasa group of autumn and winter show was held in Shanghai new world Daimaru department store, released its new series of autumn and winter of 2015. Thavasa Samantha and Vega Samantha, which is popular with Chinese consumers, has made a number of fashion design, attracting a large number of fashion media.

Good at capturing Samantha Thavasa fashion hot this season to draw inspiration from fashion very meaningful benchmark 70's trend of essence, will once again return this autumn and winter fashion suede tassels, lace and other elements of fashion and popular style combination, launched a full of retro flavor of the 2015 winter series.

As the day of the mystery guests, Thavasa Samantha Meng Amy bear also came to the scene, to become a group photo of the object. The show, the brand has not only brought a new season of selection design, but also the 2015 autumn and autumn and autumn and winter brand new advertising for the first time for the Chinese media for the first time to bring a fashion visual feast.

Thavasa2015 Samantha autumn and winter brand new Miranda Kerr TVC elegant interpretation. TVC Miranda, give full play to the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style, and the original cloth badge post production to join big play. Together with the appearance of the goddess CLOTH BADGE chapter is one of michael kors luggage the highlights of the season Samantha Thavasa design, the use of graffiti elements hit this year, designed with a personal style and fashion sense of playful patterns and text. CLOTH BADGES can be combined with any combination and decorated in elegant bags, so that you free your Samantha Make.

Three members of Shirahama Ayarashi, Samantha Vega2015 TVC is the use of new and popular Japanese idol group GENERATIONS michael kors hamilton satchel black from EXILE TRIBE to send cool too, Sano Rei, together with 3 extremely popular liter ViVi model Alissa, Sakuma Yui EMMA, Yagi starred together. This TVC because the collection of Japan's most popular youth faces, and the Japanese fashion fashion industry's attention, believe that with the youth, but also can lead to the Chinese consumer resonance.

With the new goods listed, you will also have the opportunity to see the new TVC in the Samantha Thavasa store, behind the scenes during filming scenes will also show foreign.

Selection of autumn and winter to see it

Chouchou M the beauty of the bow

2015 fall Thavasa M launched Chouchou Samantha, minimalist design and implement the brand style. Bag in front of the lovely butterfly knot decoration, so that the whole package is full of noble and elegant temperament. Black, white, pink, gray and beige camel 5 colors make you dull in white michael kors watch winter also want attention. At the same time, can also be like Miranda interpretation in TVC as well as in the cloth badge michael kors outlet houston will build it to a special part of your personality bag, fashion line up.

New product information:

Chouchou M (Thavasa Samantha)

Time to market: the end of 9 is expected to market

Small (wide 260mm * 145mm * * 90mm) ¥ discounted michael kors watches 2620

Large (wide 280mm * high michael kors beach bag 200mm * by deep 110mm) ¥ 3010

Fleuri Fringe handsome and graceful incarnation

Fleuri bucket package is one of the most michael kors keychain iconic and popular Thavasa Samantha. The launch of the new increase based on the original three layer V fringed shape in order, collocation of lace on both sides of the bag body design, simple and elegant, will become this year's autumn and winter fashion. With michael kors women perfume the leather strap, can be portable and shoulder 2WAY usage, elegant and handsome and very practical. 6 autumn and winter in the eye-catching colors: black, white, beige, the camel, ginger powder, deep blue.

New product information:

Fleuri Fringe (Thavasa Samantha)

Size and price: wide 210mm * high 240mm * ¥ 135mm; 2850

Tassel Lady Azayle tassel bow add Retro

The classic Samantha Thavasa Lady Azayle hot single product package has been a popular beauty girls favor. Tassel Lady Azayle in the winter series retains the Lady Azayle classic design at the same time, also handle part specially designed tassel bow, let you always send out Hippie girls fashion, highlighting the beautiful sense of fashion. Tassel Lady Azayle is equipped with 5 autumn colors (magenta, beige, Tan, beige, ginger powder), but also has a small size and compact Mini models, is the best collocation girls daily shuttle in various occasions.

New product information:

Lady Azayle Tassel (Thavasa Samantha)

Mini (wide 210mm * 150mm * high * * * 100mm) ¥ 2540

Small (wide 290mm * 210mm * * 130mm) ¥ 2780

Chant-Couleur 5way winter fun

As one of the main products of the Thavasa Samantha TVC, Chant-Couleur's biggest feature is its 5way back method, breaking the traditional package design, easily a packet of 5 packets! Hand bag, Mini Shoulder Bag, hand bag, bag, backpack, can be turned at any time you need. Leather with simple and capable michael kors gold watch design style, highlight the texture of the bag. Black, white, beige, grey, navy blue magenta 5 colors available.

New product information:

Couleur Chant- (Thavasa Samantha)

Size and price: wide 230mm * high 240mm * ¥ 125mm; 3010

Lamiddy elegant tassel winter welcome

As the autumn and winter advertising product, Samantha Vega launched a new bucket fringed bag Lamiddy, selection of high quality detailed material, also added a highly sought after winter muntjac leather feeling long tassel design, manufacture level and elegant effect. Retro color to all-match basic colors: pink, everything brown, beige, yellow and purple, to help you get rid of the winter dull atmosphere.

New product information:

Lamiddy (Vega Samantha)

Small (wide 200mm * 230mm * * 120mm) ¥ 1180

Large (wide 250mm * 270mm * * 150mm) ¥ 1330

Ferrite autumn and winter simple elegance

Ferrite to fall and fall of the popular color, with the simple square shape, to create the most perfect work of the season to work. Decorative metal buckle is the product design highlights, into the leisure feeling for the generous hand bag style. Large capacity of the internal space to achieve the perfect, easy to put all the necessary supplies. Color choice, there are black, white, pink, the purple, red, orange, yellow, beige, beige and navy blue 10 colors to choose from, the most suitable collocation autumn commuter style.

New product information:

Ferrite (Vega Samantha)

Small (wide 230mm * 185mm * * 120mm) ¥ 1150

Large (wide 300mm * 240mm * * 160mm) ¥ 1310