50 Carmina Campus Limited launched michael kors watches mens MINI bag

Carmina Campus will turn to creative automotive interior materials, according to MNI Roadster who inspired the material will be many cars will be used, like canvas or pieces of metal, through creative thinking and skilled craftsmen in Italy, will return goods don't need, it michael kors outlet houston turned into a popular fashion every kind of thing.

Carmina Campus is one of the world's most popular fashion brand, is also a symbol of fashion for women, known as the nobles of Milan, the national style and comic bag styles with a playful, very cute. MINI at Milan fashion week, particularly the introduction of limited Campus Carmina handbags, more unique place, in the design of the Roadster MNI production process, the use of excess can be reused or recycled materials, to create a variety of fashion handbags, is very suitable for urban men and women's daily life.

This series is limited to 50

Designer Ilaria Venturini Fendi MNI Roadster said: "give me a lot of inspiration from the other car and convertible in its exquisite metal, have caused me endless inspiration, let me clear my direction." These limited edition packages are priced at $400 to $911, and can be purchased through a 10 Como Corso network to buy these unique fashion packages.

[extended reading] a total of twelve Japanese MINI launched michael kors handbag outlet a limited edition U disk

In order to MINI coupe for the first time landing in Japan, BMW Japan Corporation is always busy rent Shinjuku Station under the two sets of medium-sized car advertising around does not say, also launched a very crazy "MINI coupe tried to combat michael kors logo App game, the degree of attention to the introduction of new models can be seen in general. As the show kicked off, BMW again Henzhao, as long as the venue to the MINI name password and complete the challenge game can get a MINI Cooper limited edition Commemorative Plate U.

MINI Japan Inc in the Tokyo Motor Show launched a classic model for the shape of the U disk

Plug in the back of the computer will shine

The MINI form U disk by the Japanese well-known toy manufacturers EVERGREEN OEM, "body" scale deposit michael kors watches mens of 28 x 75 michael kors watch on sale x 28mm, "body", "body" for the 20g net capacity is 4GB, which belongs to the dynamic specifications of pure manual. The ratio of 1/48 to the real vehicle body shape building, with comparable specifications of the original color paint touch very carefully. Corresponding to XP/Vista/7 Mac, OS Windows 9 and other operating systems, when the lights will be lit with the computer, the data access is converted into a flashing light, whether it is the appearance and creativity are very detailed.

The MINI form U disk by the Japanese well-known toy manufacturers EVERGREEN OEM

A total of 12 MINI classic models

The launch of the memorial car taken from 1966-1992 years of the classic cars were equipped with 12 different kors perfume by michael kors models, but also in the EVERGREEN online store network "Shanghai house" to purchase, recommend a price of 2999 yen, while the limited edition is very cruel but compared to 9 consecutive days of catch deadly war collection the high quality of the original souvenirs would be a good choice.