Spring Festival travel need to be cautious! The high incidence michael kors watch repair of global theft popular tourist destination

London is not a crime, but in fact it is one of the most rampant countries in Europe. The thieves here are notorious in Europe, Rome, Barcelona and Prague. Cape Town and Caracas, the worst case, the crime rate has been high. But their tourism is not particularly well developed......

Over the years, most of the world's crime has been reduced. In the United States, the crime rate has dropped by 32% since 1990, and some big cities have even dropped by 64%. Although violent crimes are reduced, the crime of stealing a kind of crime has to be the case. Popular tourist cities in many of the infamous crime, now follow the small series to see what are the high incidence of the popular tourist destination!

Hu Zhiming, Vietnam

Speed robbery:Two years ago, some people ride a motorcycle traveling on the road at that time, a lot of motorcycles, next to a motorcycle when she wasn't looking, grabbed her bag, and then fled. The second day in the morning, the tour guide said calmly that he can help get back the bag. Tour guide called the police station handbags by michael kors near the phone, the bag is expected in the police station, the phone is also. The tour guide said that as long as the cash, can keep track of their stuff don't bag working several times tend to return to the police station.

Saatchi Gallery

Rogue sneak attack:The European crime system is more complex, and the mobile phone is stolen from the michael kors watch repair sale to the sale only in one night. In addition to the cheap restaurants, there will be no place in the The Ritz Carlton Hotel - no place is completely safe. However, Stratford (the Olympic village is still bustling with) and Westerfield shopping centers and other areas of the crime rate is higher.

Rome Italy

The thief pickpockets:The thief of Rome but notorious repute in other areas of Italy may be better. Some people say: "I can list a few more things in Italy, such michael kors delancey as Naples." But Italy's rate is not as good as England and Welsh. Robbery is not theft, but also contains the physical confrontation, Rome thief is more adept at. The highest per capita crime rate in the world is the Vatican, the per capita crime is 1.5 times, which is the main force of cross-border thieves.

Prague Czech

Schemes and intriguesPrague has "Beware of pickpockets high streets and back lanes", michael by michael kors shoes breaking the window to steal (do not michael kors thong sandals put valuables in the car seat also It is often seen.). The criminal gangs have a subtle shift of focus, and sometimes even the use of innocent children. Wenceslas Square and the old town square is the high incidence of theft.

Washington, D. michael kors plus size C.

Criminal gangs:

1 dressed as locals, tourists don't michael kors outlet store make it;

2 travel insurance may not be used, but the best;

3 although the purse is troublesome, but the most safe for your valuables, do not come out in public places to take out a purse, if you have michael kors hamilton bag to take a handbag, then do a good job;

4 on the crowded train, bus and subway to raise the alert;

5 remember the number of mobile phone IMEI number and computer serial number, the police may not work, but it is best to report;

6 in some countries (such as cheap michael kors wallets France and the Republic of Czech), visitors must carry a passport, a copy of the passport, placed in the hotel, to prepare for possible period of want or need.