Candy color coat and a small michael michael kors hamilton tote bag of a vast mushroom

Candy color coat and a small bag of a vast mushroom

michael kors gansevoort michael kors bags sale Published in: 2014-02-19Source: Forum sunStay here for the first time YOKA Lu Sun Oh ~ ~ little girl can't afford to buy cheap but big, big wind is also very happy!
This time under the arrangement, a brand of paper found in poison, that possessed by the devil, bought a lot of.............
This brand of paper before a burst of promotion, for the store is not often discounted, really attracted me! So I bought two times, yes, I bought 6 things...
The first to talk about the first single, high waisted jacket sweater + two + sham party with wine red high-heeled shoes
Always wanted a white short jacket, bought back after the discovery michael michael kors hamilton tote is not satisfied, I want a hat Orz...

Sweaters and shoes have a single shot, but has been through several times during the Spring Festival, so this time, I have a direct release of michael kors fulton moccasin the photos on the microblogging show good ~ ~.

Second single, candy color coat + hair loose fan short sweater +pu leather skirt leather skirt and michael kors darrington shoulder tote sweater first. Purple sweater super white hair texture, soft, short leather skirt and michael kors new perfume significantly higher, ride together is perfect!

And that's what it's like.
The first sight of this color, I was crazy, I pulled the BA said, the last time I came here this did not, people michael kors patent tote are helpless, just be replenishment well, you got lucky, okay...
Well, anyway, you all hate + + reason...

The clothes come to an end.
The following figure of the bag and above a few pieces are a card paper...
Have the wood have think I look not good, this bag can not say to look good at? Hey, no way, who let it as long as 1 dollars?!!!
Why? Because this brand of cat shop, there is a happy event, every day in the lottery to save music, for their time, with the music of +1 yuan for a variety of gifts, there are bags, socks, glasses, scarves...
Below this, that is, I use music to change.

Continue to say the bag.
This small CK package, I was online to buy, looking for the Singapore purchasing, the beginning of anxiety, and now it is quite satisfactory to receive the goods.
See the lynx flagship store comments, said even a dust bag are not sent, are always crooked, offset and so on very serious dissatisfaction, so I looked at my this, ah ~ ~ good Mody, what problem.

This package is a small CK hot classic, Shanghai has to buy a black (do not know if there are no replenishment).
I remember the beginning of a white, over the period of time I went to ask, BA did not recognize that there is a white...
There is also a blue classic, estimated also quickly sold out, I think if not like me so hate blue, blue is better than the black leather is good, a little more comfortable touch.
Collocation, blue and black or similar.

And my coat to see ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hung think perfect, ha ha ha!!
A new batch of bags to do the short, 100cm only, the diagonal across the waist.

One shoulder

Diagonal cross here

Well, that's all ~ (*^__^*) last year while hee not been finished, I wish you all going, horse galloping! Valentine's day and the Lantern Festival Doudese go!!! LOVE, U XOXO!