Monmon [] autumn season collocation should change michael kors tote sale the package

Monmon [] autumn season collocation should change the package

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It is time to temporarily come to summer colorful, the color gauze skirt, leisurely with lazy tone of flip flops, with the smell of sun hat, are extremely reluctant to return to the cloakroom.

Every season, the wardrobe has endless trouble last year get up in the morning, the love not the clothes have been few can give me the kind of excitement just bought last year if the complete copy LOOK last year is certainly not, as one of the beauty of the girls, involves the combination of popular trend nowadays, with fashion never wrong. So this time for everyone to bring about the fall of collocation, so you fall from the shape of the dry!

Every time to buy clothes are very picky, buy back to look forward to wearing the effect, which is every girl has a shopping mentality. This is my choice of knitted sweater, the sweater is indispensable in autumn and michael kors keychains winter enhance the qualities of good stuff, do not show the light grey Zhang Ye boast no more fancy, can also show an elegant sweet Guaiqiao, loose collar gives people a sense of security is protected, slight modification of bat sleeve can figure.

Choose a classic black skirt, straight stripes and knitted sweater lining, a pair of black and white mosaic stilettos, black fine with more prominent ingenuity. Of course this is just michael kors tote sale the overall shape, still feel somewhat, to enhance the overall shape of a level, then you must use some michael kors white watches skills in the choice of accessories.

With knitting sweaters, I still love long necklace, pendant selection of exquisite, color and clothes can be separated, but can not choose too exaggerated colors, silver and black combination pendant is very suitable for the other. With a round top hat small hat, absolutely to the other a lot of extra points.

Finally, it should be carefully chosen is the bag, women's pursuit of the bag is not less than the pursuit of clothing, sometimes even higher than the requirements of the clothes. This time I want to recommend a bag, the bag of blue smoke series HONGU red valley! In red, black, blue three colors I decisively chose blue,High cold fan is just for me.The overall color is more elegant highlight bags, and leather embossed leather, with exquisite high cold.

This series of blue smoke bag in addition to elegant fashion, can let a person feel the atmosphere, I love the most is her handbag design, produced exquisite feeling by hardware. The whole michael kors sandals sale design is simple and exquisite hollow, the interpretation of the traditional square and round shape, soft and comfortable hair pendant can show some sweet, won't let michael kors boots for women a person feel is complicated, feel comfortable, the existence of a like nature itself.

Collocation is not only elegant and more prominent queen Fan Er. Whether dating or work ol are suitable, is not that Bang Bang Da ~ ~ I love in it, it is also designed to elaborate the source and quality of leather, and HOLD live on various occasions.

Next to the welfare of the people, ah, there is no attention to my hand on the watch? Is the crystal mirror disk, exquisite design, highlighting all female independent personality, is the color of the bracelet made of leather, smooth lines and elegant sense of style. This is one of the Red Valley "Wyatt over the Mid Autumn Festival gift gift collection.

In addition to watch box also includes a floral fragrance, smell three optional, my hand this is a bottle of soft fragrance modulation, lightly spray, really good smell Oh, refreshing cool refreshing aroma.

And most importantly, in the September 25, 2015 to October 7th period, where the Red Valley stores or counters spending 1500 yuan can receive a value of 1588 yuan of "Wyatt over the Mid Autumn Festival" michael kors bromley boots the treasure box, is what I show you this! Is not very tempting? Small partners, absolutely can not miss such a rare opportunity Oh, take advantage of the mid autumn day National Day holiday, and quickly go to the Red Valley home around it, you might get a full surprise Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.

Can not live up to every season, in the most beautiful years, to show the best of their michael kors black patent tote own. Take the time to learn collocation skills, so that they have a good time. And every time to see their own collocation has improved, it is unique to the sense of achievement. Autumn also has the characteristics of autumn, spend more thoughts will have not the same oh.

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