michael kors hamilton handbags All kinds of bags will become a It Bag

Milan fashion week, the brand is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, all kinds of bags is who can michael kors hamilton handbags lead the emerge in an endless stream, talent shows itself next season fashion bags?

Retro series D&G handbags, extravagant

In the retro farther down the road D&G the conference continues its history tour and hand shape cross back to the middle ages, not four four square box bag, Handbag Purse type is decorated michael kors handbags canada full of colorful jewelry is short in rich multicolored decorations, extravagant luxury route all the way don't rush back.

Fendi leading fur embedded tide

Leather bags are then embedded. From the beginning of Bag Bugs, Fendi is tasted the michael kors wallets sweetness of fur embedded, so a wide range of clothing for the next season to introduce this element, from cheap michael kors watches head to foot accessories have become embedded, this handbag is no exception.

Just Cavalli tassel handbag

Popular design of fur tassels plus in this season's Milan fashion week, Sara Battaglia and Just Cavalli have chosen such a design, it seems simple leather handbag other designers have been unable to meet the appetite, we have to add a little bit of what things don't interest thereon.

Gucci pink water tender can pinch the water bag

This season's Gucci completely abandoned to come up with what the mind of the accessories, so the bag leaves play honest role, consistent from the colors and the garments are lovable and quite fresh color gouache michael kors sunglasses aviator real wear, pick up can be directly used.

Prada best Mashup

Prada this is the shining big backpack uniform reflective leather strap, also for hard chains. The full sense of the package so that the metal gauze were carrying a mannequin dressed, full of contrast impact, it will become the next season of the popular street single product?

Cut off a corner of the Bally.

Some people have been reduced, a new Bally satchel launched, from the material to michael kors patent leather handbag the style is the basic classic, the only difference is that the bag had been cut down the lower left corner, so it can not only be flat, but also sideways on the table.