[clay doll] michael kors brown leather handbag beautiful beautiful bag, bring good mood ~

[clay doll] beautiful beautiful bag, bring good mood ~

Published in: 2014-03-12Author clay dollFrom: YOKA ForumI do not know when a woman in the hands of the bag is no longer just a convenient bag,
Slowly developed into a woman's decorations, especially the requirements of the popular factors and the different needs of people in recent years,
The package types and brands are also gradually become a symbol of female friends cover and contain everything, status and taste. Women love to bag like a man to woman's love, always can not withstand the slightest not to mind taking the trouble, temptation. The new Archangel bag aka angel, this is a free brand from Taiwan, founded in 2010, Taiwan online shopping first brand YISHION leather leather aka angel and exquisite workmanship and well-known, I called this bag [aka Angel] IGisele portable shoulder bag, this bag is said to be Taiwan and beauty writers IGisele joint design! There are two colors to choose from, the jewel blue and the peach powder! la-di-da I am on the pink thing has no resistance. So the peach pink.

If michael kors canada outlet the watch is a man of second faces, watches represent a man's taste, and the bag is a woman's second Zhang Lian,
The bag is a woman's taste. An elegant woman, not her bag is so luxurious,
But choose a woman for her own temperament bag.
This bag has no home aka Angel feel michael kors collection handbags for me Oh, really good love, feel the color from the hand, from color to design. Every place is carefully crafted.

Endless lovely spread, let yourself and the people around you are in a good mood. Whether you are michael kors boyfriend watch 10 years old, 20 years old or 30 years old, as long as the woman could not escape the temptation of pink,

The sweet and the temperament of the peach red collocation is the latest trend of the ostrich ostrich,
In the zipper and michael kors outlet stores the convergence is the golden chain, beautiful and full of noble children.

Clothing is the michael kors mens watch flag of a woman's heart. Every one of us lives in their own clothes.
Clothes are your words for the person who can't speak.
While women love the same way for bags, bags as your lover, bestie, personal stylist, tell your temperament,
Give you the most endless care.

Bag inside a card is also a very close card oh!
Write maintenance tips, I usually do not care how maintenance, so bad soon bag
This small card is exquisite, also let me start to register the importance of maintenance.

If you open a woman's bag, it will be a world of confusion and surprise.
Small space, disorderly arrangement of lipstick, eyebrow pencil, perfume, keys, wallet, phone book, mobile phone, photos etc.,
Can be seen from the appearance, only a beautiful fashion bag, still no miscellaneous exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful, tangled sense.

In fact, there is also equipped with michael kors brown leather handbag a long bag, the bag can be a hand, can also be tilted back
Diagonal back, just the belt and the zipper can be oh!
The bag body is very tough ~ stereo feeling!
In fact, the zipper pull! The bag becomes one kind of shape again.

What's the date of waiting for a friend, the one who likes to wholesale michael kors watches take it with you! I don't want to mediocrity, with angel aka IGisele portable shoulder bag I feel full of confidence.
The most beautiful woman with confidence.

The bag has been used for a long time, but it is still a little bit of distortion Oh ~ color is also very bright, and the new time to buy oh!
Although the price is a little bit expensive compared to my previous bag,
But it is good Bibi know oh!

"Sex and the city" in Keri shouted "we love the bag," said the voice of a woman. Little bag, it's a woman's little world.
In the Arca angel IGisele hand-held shoulder backpack, I michael kors brandy snow boots put all my installed inside!

Hate to die, so that people can not come! "Took so many photos.
First break will be a ~ like a bag of michael kors handbags hamilton friends can go to see oh! From @ Angel aka popular bag oh